Pupdates from Pack 10 finaly!!

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 8:09am PST 
So Mommy has been trying to get this to post and it will not, sooooo she p-mailed it to Mama Laura and asked her if she could p-mail to the group regulars, so paws crossed Mama Laura will be able to help. Mommy has to get out the x-mas list to keep everyone's pawrents names straight and she can't find it so please forgive that or she would have just p-mailed it herself.

We had a nice long weekend Joanie Mommy did lots of furniture moving for Mommy and we watched movies. Nothing big, but thats ok!!

Lub to all! hug
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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 12:48pm PST 
Sheena let me try again when I get home. There appears to be a word in the link or something that is preventing it from being posted. Sometimes links will do that. I'll check it out tonight, but good to hear from you and your pack. I hope you're getting stronger every day!!!!!

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:46pm PST 
(i'm going to try posting this in parts, because apparently there is some word in this that dogster doesn't like)

well that's not working either. I'm going to have to think of something else.

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:49pm PST 
Back to Sheena:
Most of us have pupdates we want to share, lots has happened over the last
Few months... I get to go first! Well.... Cause I'm a excellent second in
Command!! Mommy said so!!
So while mommy was sick we spent a lot of time inside with her and Joanie
Mommy moved the bed around and NOW mommy is not blocking the window so we
Have a full on huge sun spot ON THE BED!!! (before we just had half of the
Sun spot, or less I think)

I still LOVE having a brudder, hes just so great and he cuddles, and plays
(he can run as fast as us now with his herbal supplements) Keba, Sparkle and
I wash his face daily, hes just SO cool!!

And the BIGGEST news of all is we got horse nayyybers!!! Two of them and
They are right on the other side of the back fence and most of us think they
Are super cool, we had some a bit down the road in NC, Boo and Farrah had
Some issues but they can tell you in their pupdates.

Mommy's note: Sheena has been SUCH a blessing to me, she did so good hanging
In bed and then "checking" on the others if they stayed out in yard to long
(the way Sukeena would do with them when we first got them and they we to
Scared to come in the house a lot) it melted my heart to see that, it's not
Something I taught her at all (I did teach it to Sukeena before the girls
Came) it's just her remembering what Sukeena did and that is awesome, Sheena
Is AWESOME!! Now that I'm feeling better I'm going to get the jumps up and
Start (for fun) teaching them jumps, OH and we picked up some tree stumps
From a farm and we got one for each of the girls so *fingers crossed* I can
Teach them to sit on them and get a killer family pic!! Have no idea how
Long that will take to teach, but I want to try!!
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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:50pm PST 

Hi everypup!!! I wanted to say thank you again for our wonderful SSS
Presents We loved everything and we do have pics that Mommy will do
Something with someday I'm sure!!

So my news is that since sister Phoebe passed I have been a LOT more cuddly
With Mommy and I think she really likes it! I walk up to her and put my head
Down so she can rub my neck, and then when she stops rubbing my neck I curl
Up next to her. Mommy said that this was awesome progress on my part and
Reminded me of how when I fist came to live with her if she just looked at
Me in the face I would run away and hide, so I guess I have come a long way
From that!! BOL

Mommy note:
I know Phoebe is still with us and I truly think shes helping Sparkle open
up and I love it!! Sparkle is even sleeping up next to me, touching a leg or
something and she NEVER did that before. She and Boo have worked out the
differences and EVEN play a little with each other. I can't remember if I
shared or not when he first came how Sparkle would just scream at him for no
reason, whenever he would walk close to her. And that of course upset him,
it was FUN (around here) for a couple of weeks lol. She is a BIG screamer,
if you bump into her (not hurting her) at all or if you scare her. I do not
touch her in public unless I get her attention first LOL she is super high
pitched too!! And she also lets him clean her face now and he will let her
clean his ears... Its just so sweet!!!!
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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:50pm PST 

So I have gooders and badders news. The godders is I've been to the real dog
park THREE times with other humans there and LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy said
it was a light crowd but that's ok with me. When I got a little unsure I
just went and laid down next to Mommy and watched Sheena and Sparkle. They
are so brave, they run close to the other humans, mommy said I never have to
do that!! Thank Dog! It is so MUCH fun there and you know what? Mommy is
right if I just stay away from them, they (the strangers) will leave me
alone!! Thank dog!!

So and now the badders... Ok back story we missed Beagle birfday in aug when
Phoebe died and then we missed Basenji birfday in DEC cause Mommy was sick
and we STILL had not had a adoption pawty for Farrah and Boo Boo. As soon as
mommy was feeling better enough she decided we were gonna have a four pawty
They baked and frosted stuff and we had games and everything planned and
then this is the bad part... We got washed and had our flea drops put on
before the pawty and 4 out of us 5 B's broke out in HIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine
was the worst of all, me then Boo, then Sheena and Sparky. So we had no
party, we only got to eat one piece of cake, played no games and spent the
next 3 DAYS having cool BATHS!! YES MORE THAN ONE A DAY!!!!!! It was
horrible when they were not bathing us they were chasing us around rubbing
funny smelling cream/paste on us and grumbling at us when we tried to eat it
.. Personally I thought we were being polite to eat it up with out ONCE
complaining that they never brought us any chips to go with it. BOL! Mine
was the worst ever, my hair fell out in patches on my back and then I chewed
it as much as I could, which wasn't a lot.... I wound up on the leash of
shame attached to Mommy till my back stopped itching. We are on the mend now
thank dog!!

Mommys Note:
OMG!!! It was horrible!!!! We have been treating for fleas naturally since
09/10 in NC but the natural spray you have to repeat every two weeks and
they mean it, go two weeks and a day BAM fleas!! So I was super excited to
find the natural "spot on" researched it, ordered it, did a allergy test one
everyone... Put a couple of drops on in one spot, waited three days
everything was fine, bathed, applied the drops all was well. Flash forward
to the second month for the drops. they were bathed like normal, put the
drops on like normal, gave them a piece of cake, BAM hives. We started the
bathing and benadryl and kept it up for days!! First it was hives, then they
would almost blister and weep (on Keba and a few spots on Boo) SO BEWARE of
geranium oil with basenji's with 4 out of 5 having a reaction I feel
confident saying that they have a natural sensitivity to it. The product we
tried is here http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/Only-Natural-Pet-Herbal-Defen se-Squeeze-On-Dog-Flea-Control/999522.aspx
Now that's its over it blows my mind
because Farrah who is literally allergic to almost everything in one way or
another was fine with it, no redness nothing!!! I've always heard it's
possible for you or your dog to just all of a sudden be allergic to
something you had used before, but I had never seen it with my own eyes
until this, all the beagles, Molly, and Farrah were fine with it though, I'm
still going back to the spray sigh! What do you guys use, if you don't mind
sharing and how do you like it? I HATE putting toxic chemicals on them or on
the earth ugg!! I'm pretty sure it was not the cake as all the ingredients
are ones they can/have had before, multiple times before.
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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:50pm PST 
Hey pals!! So I've got lots to say first off I have my own bedroom!! I now
get to sleep in the living room (been doing it for a while now) Which I
love!! There are just too many people in Mommy's king sized bed for me!! I
also had to set the mommies straight on a few things!!

They wanted me to potty outside at night in the back yard, I will have none
of that and Joanie Mommy takes me out, by myself, in the front yard every
night to pee.... As she should!
I LOVE horses!!! I sit by the fence and the boy horse and I are friends, he
comes close and we talk.

And now I want to share a major problem. I will get on the bed plop down
with my but on top of a sister and then that dog will, you better sit down
this is the shocking part, that dog that I am sitting on will DARE to try to
move out from under me, to which I respond with aaaaaaa,aaaaaaa,grrrrrrrr
grrrrrrrrr,aaaaaaaa,aaaaaaa. And THEN mommy will say "Farrah NO!" like
'I" am the one doing something wrong??!!!! Can you guys believe that? The
nerve of Mommy, if I have honored a sister with the roll of pillow, well
they should be honored and just NOT move... Am I right or what??? Any

And I bit Joanie Mommy

Mommy Note: OMG! Did we make the right decision in adopting her!! Joan full
out lost her mind and reached down for Farrah's food bowl one day, before
Farrah was done and she nailed her. It was a good one too, so we we are so
happy we adopted her as this would have been super bad if it were just a reg
adopter. She was immediately sorry and honestly I think between the two of
us she loves Joan more, and Joan of course knows better, accidents happen
but she is just full of it!!!

It cracks me up it's like Sukeena and Kessy went out and found these two
(Farrah and Boo) and had a paw in sending them here, they are just enough
like Kessy and Sukeena that we will never forget their quirks and yet they
are their own people too.... They are just pawsome!! Other than nailing Joan
she has been pretty good, she tried to nail me once when she kept trying to
lay in the MIDDLE of the bed with her chew, which did not work for anyone
else but Farrah! Lol and about the 6th time I asked her to move she snapped
up at me and scraped my arm... That got her on two days of restriction where
she had to stay in the other room away from everyone else, except for
outside and pill time ect. That made an impression on her and she shaped up
and has been much more cooperative since. LOLOLOL! Hardheads!! That's why I
love them.... I mean really thou? All I wanted her to do was move over a
foot in ANY direction LOL She keeps us on our toes!!! And you know, I NEED
it, staying on my toes keeps my mind off me. Blessing come in all shapes and
sizes and sometimes with snapping teeth too!! LOL
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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:52pm PST 
Hello everyone!!! I love FL!!! There apparently is NO winter here!!!! I have
to talk about pee, it's a guy thing! I still do the "manly squat" to pee and
I also do something Mommy named the "Ferdinand" where I stand in a proud
Ferdinand pose with 4 feet down and my my chest out like this
http://variamoon.smugmug.com/photos/i-VGxpsS9/0/M/i-VGxpsS9-M. jpg
and pee, Mommy likes this one and it makes her laugh!! She is trying to get
a pic of me peeing that's just not happening.... BOL!!
When I first saw the horses I ran back and forth along the fence line and
cried to them. I had NO idea what they were and when they run we all "bark"
and run the line with them it is big fun. The rest of the time we just watch
them. I learned we are not allowed to stand on or chew/grab the fence when
we see them, were also not allowed to fight with each other... Mommy is one
stubborn human! It only took me a couple of days to get it though, I'm a
smart guy!! I love most of my sisters! Sheena, Keba, Sparkle and Miney allow
me to wash their face and I allow them to wash mine!! Mommy says I'm such a
good boy and such a big love bug!!!!

From Mommy: Well we have so much more, but I've been working on this for a
couple of weeks now lol so I think this is good for now. We are going to try
to be around more, but please forgive us when were not. Life is life lol
Hope to get caught up on everyone else lives very soon!!!

Back to Boo: How is everypup? Summer plans? Mommy said we may go on vaycay
if we don't have to go for her to have surgery this year, everypup cross
paws for vaycay ok? I don't really even know what that is but its sounds
better than surgery... Had that once came back missing some things!! I do
not think it sounds like a good idea for mommy!! Big love from us!!

relieved I did it! I guess the problem word is in the first part of the message. pack 10, maybe you can revise the first part of your pupdate.

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 9:53pm PST 
baths every day!!!!!!

Besides taking care of your mom, you all sound really pawsitive and happy. We're so happy to hear from you again and hope you post more often. flowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowers

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Barked: Thu May 30, '13 3:28am PST 
Bless you Banners!!!! Thanks Mama Laura and Talker too!!!
Gonna be out today, but will try to revise the first part again today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!!!
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