Beautiful, Sweet Catahoula - Needs a New Home


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Georgia is a 4.5 year old Catahoula with beautiful markings and gorgeous mixed eyes. She is an incredible, loving dog and she has been our best pal for the past four and a half years, however our move to Seattle in 2012 has not proven to be the best situation for her.

We live in an urban neighborhood where the houses are super close together and Georgia has become a little territorial, as so many people and dogs walk within just feet of our windows and doors multiple times a day. She’s also had some traumatic experiences with other dogs in the neighborhood that have made her a little more fearful. We love her so much, but are gone 8 hours a day and are increasingly seeing that this is not the best situation for a Catahoula.

Anyone who knows Georgia loves her. She is definitely a people lover. The first thing she does when she sees anyone is roll over for a belly rub. She loves to snuggle and is a true companion. It will be heartbreaking for us to give her away but we want to ensure she has the best life that she can.
She is house trained, spayed, up to date on shots, and she is very mindful of sit, stay, lay down, leave it, wait and come. She's ok at fetch and she loves to swim and to chew on tennis balls. She is really good about not chewing anything other than her toys. She's great on walks. We keep her on a short (5ft) leash and because she is somewhat fearful of certain dogs, we did specific BAT training so that she knows to look at us if she is fearful versus looking at another dog (and of course she gets a treat for that).

We are willing to drive or fly her anywhere as she means so much to us and we want to find the best place for her. Please consider giving Georgia a home as we are not the best fit for her anymore.

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