Show and Tell Friday April 26

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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 10:44pm PST 
Already the end of April???

Well nothing much with me is going on except I hope to have my thyroid results in. Mom will call tomorrow.

Mom had a tough week. Her niece's baby is now with her niece. Mom and grandma really bonded wiff baby Josephine Pearl and mom is sad but knows it has to be. We are hoping things will work out and all will be right. Her and grandma miss baby J.

Tomorrow they'll go to court with her niece to see what the judge will impose on her niece.

Monday mom will be in court again. Her trial is starting. The cases are split into three and one of the other ladies is going first. Mom will be called as a witness sometime next week.

Sunday we're going to meet a basenji pup that the MACz pack knows. We'll see how that goes with me.

Thats all for now.


I'm FUZZY and I- know it...
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 6:17am PST 
Our paws are crossed for your thyroid results, Tee! And how exciting! A basenji playdate! You basenjis are fun....when you're not snarking! wink Momma thinks the photos of Baby J on FB are just darling. We can tell she's a special little girl. We hope everything works out for the best for everyone involved. hug
Jabber jaws Stormie showed and told all of our stuff. Not much happening right now, except for all the boxes around wiff our stuff in 'em. All of our toys are packed already. shock I'm bored and Stormie is a lazy bones who doesn't want to play wiff me every single second of every single day! confused Happy week-end, gang!
Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 5:16pm PST 
Finn better stay our of those boxes. You don't want to get packed in. Patan knows a lot about packing and unpacking and boxes.

Big Daddy

Excuse me I'm- only sleeping
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 5:17pm PST 
The morning was my nieces' court date. the judge denied custody to my niece. He wants her to concentrate on her drug recovery and will revisit the situation sometime in the next few months or so. Until then, my brother has custody which means she's with me and my mom. I got Angel to agree (for a short while). I got my mom moved in with me in our spare bedroom and I'm making room. I owe Angel big time for this one. I'm going to have to make sure I do everything and anything to ensure it's not too disruptive in our house.
It was a very sad sad day.cry

Oooops! I ate my- motto....*burp!*
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 5:40pm PST 
from Momma L:

Oh, I'm sorry things are so sad right now. Baby J is in such a wonderful, nurturing environment now with people who love her, and that's so important. Tell Big Daddy that Starky and his fambly think he's pawsome and he deserves lots of pizza and beer. And Momma L and Gramma are wonderful for stepping up and taking on such a big job. Our thoughts are with you and we're sending our love and many hugs to help get you through. It will all work out the way it's supposed. I've become a firm believer in that. If there's anything we can do, know I'm just a message or text or phone call away. xoxox hug

born to run
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 7:23pm PST 
Momma Laura, so sorry things didn't work out for your niece and the baby....but she is in good hands and hopefully your niece wiill get things straightened out with her life. It's going to be different with a baby in the house. Tell Big Daddy that Marlowe will have a beer with him Sunday for being so understanding.

Finn....I bet those boxes have on cool stuff in should look.....

Not much happening here, we've been supervising Mom's gardening and chasing crows. Father Crow is getting very bold lately and has been walking around our yard. Mom thinks he's having fun with us.
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 10:42pm PST 
wave Mom and gramma had a fussy night with Baby J. Boy she cries and eats a lot. I've been a really good boy and don't even get upset with her noise. I just sniff around and she's alright. Big Daddy thinks she's really cute.

BUT......................this is what happened to me today!!!!!

I got stung by a bee this afternoon. We found the beginnings of a bee hive in our eaves and mom went outside and she got attacked and so did I. That darn bee wouldn't get off me. Mom ran inside and yelled at me to get inside because I was running all over the yard trying to get that bee off me. I tore inside and mom got the bee off me but then it turned on her and got in her hair and clothes. She ripped off her blouse and was freaking out because the bee was near her ear and she hates the sound of bees in her ears. I mean who doesn't, right?

We finally had to squish the bee when it fell on the floor.

Banners is going to make sure none of her bees went rogue on her.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Chey again!!! Then we're going to see a basenji that is available.

We're going down there but don't know if we'll bring a basenji least not for now. With everything going on with Baby J and all...we can't have another new addition. But mom thought it would be good to do something with Big Daddy and spend some time together. We don't know how long the current situation is going to we have wait.

But hopefully I'll be able to play with Apache!!!! Sorry can drink a beer wiff Big daddy while I play wiff Apache.

Thanks Bratz for all your support!!!!
CH Astarte's- Apache River

learning the- ropes
Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 9:48am PST 
I hear babies will do that Tee! Yes...we'll play together and forget the strange big guy and the snarky girls!

OUCH on the bee stings! Last year Momma got stung twice! that's two more times than she ever did before. She thinks the one was Africanized cause it just up and stung her for no reason. The other one was in her hair and she didn't realize it was a bee and swatted at it. Daddy had to get the stinger out of her scalp.

I hope they hear about your thyroid soon! How did things go with Momma L and her attorney?

We'll hear all about it later today!

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 9:14pm PST 
Hello pals! wave So much to catch up on!

Talker, I'm impressed you're doing so well with the baby. I'm not sure I could be so good.

Finny, you're moving?!?! We must have missed this. We've moved so much lately. I know it can be stressful. confused Sounds like you're going ok though.

My tell this week is a facered facered facered facered face. Well, I don't know what Keyah rubbed up against, but she started smelling GOOD! I've NEVER done this before. But I just couldn't leave Keyah alone! She was getting sooooooooo mad at me! Dad finally gave us both a bath, and we've been fine ever since.

In other news, Mom is coming to Los Angeles for a short visit. May 24-28. Sure would be nice for her to catch some Bratz! wink
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 9:18am PST 
Hi!! oh're lucky Keyah didn't snap at you like girls tend to do. least that's what the new Dakini did to me yesterday. She snarked at me and told me BACK OFF JACK! My name is not Jack so I kept trying to get next to her, but she wasn't having anything to do wiff me. But I was a good boy around the two girls I met. I also met a little black and white basenji named Shelby and she wasn't liking me either, but Big Daddy really liked her a lot. She grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at me like the way Savannah would do. Oh no, I thought...not again!

The nice lady said that we could even bring the pups home wiff us for a trial run. We'll have to wait to see how our living situation turns out before we do that. All and all...we had a nice time. Mom likes Dakini and Dad likes Shelby.

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