Show and Tell Friday - March 8

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Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Sun Mar 10, '13 12:00pm PST 
Tee and MACZ, can't wait to hear how the visit went. Like Shaki, I have been guilty of eating pens, but its obvious I did it because my white fur is all the wrong color. red face

Denny, we'll keep our paws crossed for your mom. Paku is right, sometimes things that shouldn't matter drain your energy and motivation and once those things are gone, your motivation will come back. Mom's trying to find a way to let some energy draining things go. She's thinking it may be better to do less and really love what she's doing than trying to do everything but only half-heartedly.

Paku, we're so happy about the blink test. cheercheercheercheercheer I don't think I'd be very happy about those eye drops, but you have to do what you have to do. Right?

Can't remember if we said this before, but Mom started teaching a teens improv class. One of the kids in it is very socially awkward. Not sure what led to this decision, but his parents are currently home schooling him which doesn't help him socialize. Anyhow, Mom was concerned because last week all of the scenes he improvised were violent and involved weapons. Mom talked this week to a specialist about how to deal with this behavior. Well, this week the kid was so much better. He didn't do any violent scenes at all. I sure hope it stays that way. confused

Dad is headed to South Africa tonight for two weeks. I think Mom is going to have her hands full with me this week and next. Last week I started to misbehave only two days after Dad left, usually its three days. Two weeks is going to be quite an adventure. eek

Anyone want to predict what I will destroy?
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Sun Mar 10, '13 6:43pm PST 
Well let me first say, Denny....your mom's health is what matters because if something happened to her, then it's you and your dad who are going to be a wreck with worry. She has to think of that because your dad will have to care for her and take care of his family. So....if your mom needs motivation, then it's keeping you two in her mind and heart and that should motivate her. If writing brings in the money, then let her write and bee by her side while she's doing it.

Patan, wow your dad is going to South Africa! how exciting! Maybe he'll bring home a basenji or two or three. eek Patan, I don't want you to destroy anything cuz i get worried about you eating stuff and it getting into your belly soooo try and try to be good. I'm gonna have Angel Banners! watch over you and make sure you don't get anything in your mouth that doesn't belong there. help your mom wiff her students, okay? That should keep you busy. Have you ever thought about doing improv?

hi Shaki!

Now let me start by saying that I had to get a bath before heading out to see the MACZ PACK. So I got a bath and because it was cold, after my bath mom took me to her bathroom with the heater on and then she took the blow dryer and put it on me!!! That freaked me out cuz i never had that on my back. I was crying and whining and mom had to let me air dry.

So they put on my fancy turtle neck sweater on me cuz dad didn't want me showing my scars and sparse fur and off we went. we hit some traffic which made us late, but we got there. i got a good stretch at Aunty Lynn's place which is BIG!!!!!! Then Marlowe came out and he and Big Daddy had a big reunion! Marlowe was so happy to see Dad and Dad was all loving on him!

Then me and Marlowe try to meet but...well.....he's a big dog and big dogs make me insecure and well...we never did quite get it together.

So we went inside and Uncle David and Auntie Lynn showed me around the house and I sniffed around and boy those Bs have a nice set up. Big Beds and blankets and blankets and dang the whole house is 'senji friendly...oh and Monk friendly too.

Well then we went to the backyard and wow! There was a big pool and lots of ground to cover. I went over to where Apache, Zuni and my Chey were and I went to say hellow and only Apache was happy to see me. Zuni grrrrrrrrrrrrr at me and Chey, well she didn't seem interested in me at all. I think it's been so long since we've seen each other that she forgot that i was her guy!

We later went for a walk and Zuni and Chey didn't want to smell me at all. I kept looking at them and wondered why they were gggggggrrrrrrr at me, but you know how girls are. They expect you to know what's the matter and what you are doing wrong, but I didn't know.

So after our walk, we came home and Apache and I were getting along on our walk. He kept coming up to me like Banners! used to and he would bump his nose into my cheek, like she did so I knew we were friends. So when we got to the backyard, we were going to see if we could play and we did have some fast fun, but then marlowe came up on me and that scared me and ...... well.....I feel bad...but I attacked him.

Dad said I just made a lot of nose and fuss but Marlowe seemed okay. I guess he's use to it. Sorry Monk...I have that big dog syndrome or something. When Chey and Zuni snarked at me i just stood there and did nothing but when Marlowe came around, I just freaked out.

So then we had BBQ burgers and chicken and ate in the house. Then Big Daddy and Monk took a few pics and then we said good bye. Oh earlier mom dropped her bottle of wine in their driveway and that was totally totally red face

All the way home I slept and when we got home I slept more until the morning. I was exhausted!

I wish Chey would have remembered me. Maybe we broke up and I didn't know about it.
shrug I wore my best sweater too and Uncle David said my sweater is something he would wear too if he had one. I know I looked and smelled good. Maybe it's my receding neck line.
Maybe mom and dad can get me some Rogain for dogs.

Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Mon Mar 11, '13 1:37pm PST 
Talker, maybe you were too clean 'n' Chey 'n' Zuni were puzzled 'bout that! Maybe they didn't like the smell of your bath shampoo??? I sure wish you could come to see me in West Virginia. That would be so much fun. We don't have ANY 'senjis around here. I'm not too sure 'bout big doggies either. One of our neighbors has a big dog, a really nice one, but I got all snarky with him the last time we saw each other. Daddy was really embarrassed! When I meet a dog when Mommy's walking me in the park, I go in circles around her 'n' usually nearly upend her. She's always afraid I'll wrap her with the leash 'n' drag her off somewhere!!!laugh out loud

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Tue Mar 12, '13 8:37am PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

maybe i was too clean. Yeah that was probably it. Mom shouldn't have insisted that I take a bath. I know Auntie Lynn liked me cuz she kept coming around to me.

Oh and Auntie Lynn talked to dad about two available female basenjis who were show girls and need to be rehome. Mom could see the pain in Big Daddy's eyes when he talked about Banners! He says he's not ready but mom thought maybe if we all met, he'd change his mind. But I'm not sure about that. Lynn showed mom some photos of the two red and white show girls and they're very pretty. Mom showed them to dad and he agreed but said nothing more.


Barked: Tue Mar 12, '13 9:08am PST 
Denny-we hope your mom is feeling better, we think if writing books makes her happy she should do that.
Patan-Great news about you eye, hope the drops help.
Talker-Sounds like you had a crazy weekend. We are sure next time you will be a bigger gentelman and be friendly with everyone.

The only thing Clea and I have to share is that mom and Gma took us to the I love my dog Expo a couple weeks ago and we got our pictures taken. Mom posted a few she will try to get more posted in the next couple of weeks.
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Tue Mar 12, '13 2:42pm PST 
Lucy I noticed your new pics with Clea. They are very very nice. You two look great together!

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Wed Mar 13, '13 10:50am PST 
Talker, I don't think Chey recognized you smell.

Well, so far I chewed a hole in moms pretty new scarf that she hadn't even worn yet, then I ate her underwear. She had to make me frow them up. confused Keyah and I pulled our pet sitter around a little yesterday when we saw an opossum. She was surprised how strong we are. And we're only on day two on 12!!!!! Mom says I gotta pull it together.
Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Wed Mar 13, '13 11:38am PST 
oh Patan, I must have been sleeping while on duty. I was suppose to look after you and make sure you don't eat anything. I'm sorry.

I better not let big daddy read your report because then he won't want to get another basenji. Talker was pointing out to dad that if we got another basenji he wouldn't be able to leave the towels on the floor to be washed. He wouldn't be able to leave his watch and shoes out. Mom couldn't leave her closet doors open nor could she leave her bathroom door open because all her make up stuff are in baskets on low shelves. We wouldn't be able to leave the trash can sitting on the floor in the kitchen or food on our counters. We wouldn't be able to leave paper napkins on the side tables or popsicle sticks. All the wires in the computer room would have to be hidden somehow or protective tubes used for them. Oh and we would need a pantry door too.

I'm afraid Big Daddy would have a lot of work to do and that's not including the work on the outside!!!!!

Wow'd be in a playground over here.
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