Show and Tell Friday - February 8

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 10:03pm PST 

WE don't have much to show...but we're wondering if this seems strange to you all.

Sunday is banners! birthday and mom and dad always get us a cupcake to celebrate our birthdays. This is our first birthday without banners!

Would getting a cupcake bee too strange and odd and just plain weird?

What and how do you handle a loss?

This is our first loss. We don't know how to acknowledge it.


I got my stitches out on Wednesday evening. I've been scratching and mom is putting stuff on them. I hope I stop scratching cuz I don't want them to be so red.

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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 9:51am PST 
I think getting a special cupcake would be a wonderful thing to do! Banners was (and still is) an important part of your family. I'm sure she will smile down and send you her love from above. Maybe cut it into 3 sections and share it in Banners' honor.

Talker, please don't scratch so you can heal 'n' get back to your old frisky self!!!hughughug
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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 10:33pm PST 
I'll try Shaki, but it's hard to resist!! The itch is fierce! red face

Thanks for responding to my question. Mom is torn and Big Daddy remains sad. We don't know how he will take having our banners! gone. He really misses her.



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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 11:05pm PST 
Talker, we understand. It's hard having important milestones come when you have lost a loved one. Mom can't even say Ellie's name without crying yet.

Mom's parents crossed over many years ago and she still sometimes gets very sad and cries. When the 10th anniversary of Mom losing her mom (our hooooman grandma Annie we never met but oh how she would have loved us senjis so!) happened a few years ago, Mom went to Denny's and had a big ole banana split for breakfast with lots of good coffee because our Grandma Annie loved coffee and could polish off a banana split like nobody's business even though she wasn't a big eater in general. Then Mom and Auntie Melanie went to the casino to have a few drinks and do a little gambling because those were things our Grandma Annie really loved, too. Finding ways to celebrate the happy things without dwelling too much on the sad helps Mom a great deal. Maybe it will help your mom and dad too, Talker.

Mom says it gets easier and the smiles start coming more than the tears do, more of the sweet and less of the bitter, but it is a process that takes its own gentle time. Hugs from our pack to yours.

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My show and tell is it SNOWED here today! Big fat ole wet flakes fell for about 15 minutes. I was really confused about what those things were, desert born and bred as I am, but Mom comes from one of those cold azz places I hope she never decides to take us back to and she said it was SNOW. It all disappeared as soon as it hit the ground. I think snow is some weird cold icky magic trick.
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Barked: Sat Feb 9, '13 6:23am PST 
I haven't been around much. Mama has been kinda down in the dumps a little. But I'm back now!

Mama Laura, the first year is the worst. It's the year of firsts - first birthdays, holidays, seasons without your loved one. Best thing I can tell you is to let your heart guide you. If you want to cry, then cry. If you want to get a cupcake, then get a cupcake. If you want to play it down, then play it down. I tried everything that first year, including getting really drunk on Thanksgiving because I hated the pain. We think about Banners! every day and miss her tons. I found that there's very little you can do to ease the pain the first year. It's almost like you have to let yourself experience it and let it flow through you so you can eventually move past it.

In the end, it's not so much that it gets better. It just gets different. A new normal that's a little sadder but sustainable.


In other news, I'm a reporter dog now! Mama just posted my blizzard videos on fb, and her friend who works at CNN had her post them to iReport and might use them today! Intrepid reporter dog in the blizzard!

Seriously, though, I'm not sure how I'm gonna poop. It might be a matchstick moment later.
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Taj I love how your mom found ways to keep the connection going. That's a nice way to celebrate a loved ones life.


Denny we so wish you and your mom could have met banners. She was so sweet and calm and such a big presence but in a silent way.

You are right, there are so many new firsts that are happening and we are just trying to get thru our first loss. Her birthday cupcake was always a joy. Remember when big daddy was in charge of getting her cupcake one year and he showed up with a tiny cupcake? We just cracked up at the comments she got on how tiny it was. Needless to say mom took over the year after and made sure she got a big one.

We will feel it out tomorrow and see how it goes.

We love you all and thank you for your comforting words.

Oh Denny on the Spot reporter! We'll go see your video right now. dog walk