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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 12:01pm PST 
*MERRY wakes up and glances at the clock. She see's she has been slumbering away the day but that was due to being up almost all day and night celebrating and ringing in New Years Eve yesterday around the world with Georgie! eek She jumps out of bed and gets ready as any moment the lastest Fur of the Month will be arriving for an interview. Gulping down some coffee she hears a knock at the door and opens it*

LUKE !!!! Perfect timing! Happy New Year!!! Congratulations .. YOU are the Doghouse's Fur of the Month for January 2013!! We are so happy to have you and your family as members of our Doghouse Family!!!

MerryBelle I am thrilled that you would select me thank you.

LUKE, come and sit down I have some questions to ask so we can find out all about you!!

Tell us about your home in Illinois. What type of home and community do you live in?

I live in Herrin, Il. Its a small town with a nice friendly community Its a town of about 10,500. I live in a small home with my two fur siblings and a feline, we have a nice fenced in yard and our own doggie door.

How did you come to live with your furless family?

I came to live with my now mom through her daughters friend. She had adopted me and my sister Leia for her twin boys. Then after they had me their dad told them to get rid of me so they looked everywhere to find me and my sister a home. Thats when they met my human sister she took to us right away and thought that since my mom had lost her other pup to old age and kidney failure she thought that mom needed another baby to love. My human sister wanted me to meet her mom and I tried so hard to melt her heart but my mom just wasn't ready yet but the next week my human sister told my mom that I was gonna be turned in at the shelter to please give us a chance so my mom decided to give us a try. My mom fell for me the first week I came to her. My sister went to live with her friend from work. So I still get to see my sister from time to time. That is how I came to my forever home.

What lucky people do you share your life with? What about your fursibs?

I live with my mom and dad. I share my house with two other fursiblings. Belle and Piglet and of course Tizzy our cat.

How did you get your name?

My first family named me and my sister. Since they were twins and fans of star wars my name is Luke Skywalker and my real sisters name is Leia. My mom and her friend really liked the names so they stuck only its just Luke no skywalker.

I have read you do not like to be left alone and suffer from anxiety separation issues. Now your mom does not leave you long. What did you used to do before she realized that you could not be parted from her long?

I am destructive. I have tore the carpet up in the bedroom and tried to tear up the vinal floor in the kitchen when mom leaves me. Plus a few other things like the blinds and screens in the windows. Mostly I cry for mom or lay by the door til she comes home. I have gotten alot better than I was when I was a pup. But I still whine sometimes for her. Now either Mom or Dad stays home with me. When they do go somewhere they make sure we have a house sitter to come and stay with us now.

Describe your pawsonality?

I'm a bit shy but once I warm up to ya then I am a friendly and loving fella. I have hyper tendiances and I love to run and play.

Do you know any tricks?

Yes I know several tricks. I can shake hands, high 5, sit, lay, stay, speak, roll over. Mom is always trying to get me to do tricks.

I see your favorite toy is your frisbee. Your motto says " Where's my frisbee" Do you like to catch it, chew it, or chase it??

All the above but mostly fetch it. I like to jump in the air and catch my firsbee. I know whenever mom takes me to Grandmas house I get to play frisbee. As soon as I get there I go hunting for it. I know where Grandmother keeps it so I go get as soon as I get to her house. I have so much fun when I go over to her house. She lives outside of town and has alot of property and I can run free. Its the best fun playing frisbee with mom and running free.

Squirrels are your one Pet Peeve! What do you do when you see a squirrel? Did you ever catch one?

Squirrels are enemy #1 they sit on the power lines and bark and me. It drives me crazy I try to climb the trees to get to them. I have gotten within a snap of getting ahold of one but mom yells for me to leave it so I try to listen to her but whenever one is outside I know it and it makes me crazy, I have to go out to chase it out of the yard.

Do you like to go for rides in the car? Is there anyplace special that you go?

I love to go for car rides any where any time I'm always ready. My favorite place to go is Grandmothers house.

Tell us about the daily routine in your house? Whats your favorite time of day?

Well I don't really have a routine. First thing in the morning mom gets ready for work and I sit my her until she leaves then I go get in bed with dad until he gets up. I hang out with him during the day but I know when its getting time for mom to come home I can sense it. Thats the best part of the day when I hear her car coming down the road I run for the gate sometimes dad opens it and mom will stop and let me jump in with her to pull the car in the garage.

How do you get along with other pups? What about people?

I get along with everyone. I am shy and skittish at first then after a bit I am happy to be around people. Other dogs most of the time I'm ok with them as long as they aren't big dogs then I become fearful and try to hide.

How did your Mom get interested in Dogster? What do you like best/worst about it?

Mom got interested in dogster when the greatest american dog was on tv. She saw the advertisement and thought she would check it out. She loved it and has been in it since. We really don't have any complaints about it only we don't check it as often and we used to. But we are still on at least 3 times a week. We have made some really great friends here on dogster.

Did you go visit Santa Paws? Did he come to your house and leave you any presents?

Santa paws came to my house this year and left us lots of new toys and treats.

Today is New Years! Do you have any hopes or wishes for 2013?

I have lots of wishes for the new year. I hope that the poor babies in these shelters all find homes.

Do you have any final thoughts or parting words?

Mom and I are pretty much inseperable now. I am her heart dog even though she loves us all very much.

I wish all our friends and familys a Very Happy New Year and thank you for choosing me as fur of the month. It was an honor.

LUKE, thank you again for being our FUR OF THE MONTH FOR JANUARY 2013 and Happy New Year to you and your family! *Merry pins a RIBBON on his collar and hands him a gift*


AND A NEW FRIEND !!!big grin

partyapplausecheerway to gopartyhamster dancesnoopycheerparty

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I love to- FRAP
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 12:37pm PST 
cheer cheer Congratulations Luke! cheer cheer

Loved reading all about you! big grin
Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 2:09pm PST 
Congratulations Luke! Great interview too! applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause


The World Is My- Playground
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 6:06pm PST 
Congratulations Luke and I loved learning all about you! Great interviewway to go
♥- George- P.P.Pie- *SHM*

Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 6:15pm PST 
partypartypartyapplauseapplauseCONGRATULATIONS LUKE!!!!applauseapplausepartypartyparty

What a pawsome choice for Fur of the Month, beginning our New Year JUST RIGHT!!way to go I loved the interview and learning so much more about you!way to go I always knew you were a great guy!big hug
applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause applauseapplause

Merry, as always......the BEST of the best!hugkissing Thank you for all the work and love you put into each and every interview.hughug You manage to make each one individual and unique. I am very proud that you are by my side at the Doghouse and always!way to gokissingkissingflowersflowers
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 9:17pm PST 
Congrats. Luke getting Fur Of The Month for Jan. 2013 great interview Merry and it was awesome reading about you Lukecheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

Wheres- my- frisbee!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 7:27am PST 
Thank you very much. It was a true honor to be fur of the Month.
cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Shelter dogs- Rule!
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 7:28am PST 
Congratulations Luke!!!
♥- Sweet- Caroline

Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 7:00pm PST 
cheercheercheerapplauseapplauseapplauseCONGRATULATIONS LUKE!!!!partypartyhug
BUTTERCUP *- Moms Angel- Girl *

Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 7:19pm PST 
cheercheer LUKe .. enjoy your special month ! Congrats ! hughug
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