GO FISH! (***new! game***)

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Nikki My- Sweet Angel

My eyes say it- all
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '12 9:18am PST 
Go fish well sort of I am the oldest but Alex likes to boss me around and I'm laid back and don't want to fight but i do let him know who's in charge ...sometimes.

The next fur loves to eat fruit and veggies
Bizkit (In- Loving- Memory)

Happiness is a- guy named Snoopy
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '12 10:27am PST 
True! way to go I like pears and carrots! cheer

The next fur likes dressing up. big grin

mum's bed is the- best place
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '12 6:45pm PST 
true but mum says it is her,but it is me me me
next pet,dogs can meow

Bitty Stone

Barked: Sat Aug 25, '12 4:59am PST 
GO Fish I do talk but it is more a barkgrowl thing.laugh out loudlaugh out loud Mom says I take after Callye with the talking.

Next poster likes meeting new people and furs.

Barked: Sat Aug 25, '12 7:01am PST 
This is a true and a go fish for me. I love meeting new people, but not new furs.shrug

The next poster can spin around like a ballerina like my fursibs Nina AND Cody can.laugh out loud

This is Fun & I- Love Lucy!
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '12 1:09am PST 
true. i iused to spin round all the time.
next fur loves going swimming in the ocean,no not a swimming pool the ocean
Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '12 5:01am PST 
Go fish I've never been to the ocean.

The next fur makes lots of noise in their sleep
Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '12 5:06am PST 
True....I do not snore but sometimes talk in my sleep.

The next fur that posts likes to go out in the rain!

It\'s Tough- Being A Spoiled- Puppy!
Barked: Tue Aug 28, '12 8:06am PST 
GO FISH! humpf! hailhailhail

Why do I get AWL da "watowe" questions? big laughbig laughbig laugh I HATE watowe! I tink I must be allewgic to it. shruglaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud I don't wike to get my wittle paws WET. NO WAY! humpf! I dunt undowestand why Papa can't just carry me in his awms and let me poop and pee fwom "above". way to gohailhailhail

___________Da NEXT postowe RUNS to da doowe and sits, wen he/she needs to go out to potty. way to go

Hannah's- Valentine
Barked: Tue Aug 28, '12 11:05am PST 
Go fish! laugh out loud I just go to the litter box. big grin

The next poster likes little human kids. cloud 9
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