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Hi! I have an almost 16 week old australian labradoodle and am looking for some insight and hoping this group might be able to help me understand and deal with a couple of issues I'm having with our pup.

Sullivan (aka Sully) has a wonderful temperment and loves people (especially kids!) and is crazy smart (so I'm sure the issues we're having are due to my lack of being able to communicate what I want with him). The first thing I notice in training is that he doesn't seem too interested (unlike my labs were) in doing things to please me but will obey if he feels like it or only if there's a treat involved. LOL. My labs were super compliant and Sully tends to 'listen' when he wants to and be much more independent. This is a really new thing for me!

I'm also having a really hard time breaking him of using his teeth on us. He's better, but still grabs at us both in play and at times if he has what appears to be a temper tantrum. Has anyone else had a pup that has temper tantrums? Please tell me they grow out of them! They don't happen often (usually when we're stopping him from doing something HE wants to keep doing). With the biting, I've tried saying Ow, making a hurt puppy sound, scruff shakes, substituting other appropriate things, and of course - No! but he's still doing it. I'm out of ideas and hate that he's almost 16 weeks and still doing this. It worries me for what he'll be like later.

Any insight you can give me that will help me help him would be really appreciated. If anyone has dealt with this in your own dog and has tips or ideas . . . that would be wonderful!!

Thank you so much!!
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Oh, yes, we are afraid that nipping is a rather common trait with Australian Labradoodles. Ours was very nippy also, but he did outgrow it. Actually, it is mouthiness, but can be most annoying. Just saying ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, and raising your arms tends to give them the idea that you do not want them mouthing your hands. It will pass, and probably already has.