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Chief of- Security
Barked: Fri Dec 7, '12 8:49am PST 
~waves in passing~ wave

Be right back, gotta finish chasin' da reindeer! dog dog walkdog walkdog walk

Barked: Fri Dec 7, '12 9:34am PST 
Yep we should start a new thread. I'll do that right now. thinking

Lord of the- manor,master of- the woods.
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 6:44am PST 
thinking...Need ta ax a coupla qwestshuns. I don't know how da first soap wuz played. Do we develop a character fur each pup an' give 'em a name?


Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 10:23am PST 
Yeah you can do it through dialogue plus text - Like, JerryLee (if you want to use your name and that makes it easier) stepped into the dimly lit bar, looked around, chose an empty stool and said to the barkeep "I'm lookin' for this dawg, seen her around?" And showed him a picture of ? Or whatever. We just do our plot as one of us posts the next time. So it ends up being nuts, because it's all impromptu.

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '12 3:20pm PST 
Made me think of a joke
A mushroom walked into a bar and said, "Hey bartender, give me a beer."
The bartender replied, "We don't serve mushrooms in here."
The mushroom said
"Why not? I'm a fungi"

laugh out loudlaugh out loud

mebbe we could do a comedy skit instead? laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Barked: Wed Dec 12, '12 4:22am PST 
I'm pretty sure whatever we do it will be laughable. shrug
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