Brandy the wonder Dog


Brandy the- Wonder girl
Barked: Mon Dec 19, '11 3:09pm PST 
Brandy is my wonder Dog, a true mystery. She`s a rescue Dog from Kuwait! Brandy is a orange and white Mismark Parti Pomeranian Sheltie mix. No one knows what Brandy has experianced in Kuwait, but she`s terrified of many things such as lound noises and falling items. She loves her companion Charlie, a pure bred black Pomeranian. Brandy may be shy and skittish and many people over look her, and we think that she was abused in Kuiwait. She`s a little over 7 years old. She`s a bit weary around some people, mostly men. Brandy loves to dance, with a little help. And she loves being with her people.