Birthdays, Gotcha Days, Bridge Days

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Droopy,- Forever in- my heart

My beautiful- angel
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '12 7:40am PST 
hi tango, blaze, rubio & all you wild oneswavewave i'd like to post my special days, is dat o.k.way to go

my gotcha day is JAN. 26th, 2004
my birthday is OCTOBER 27th, 2003
my bridge day is SEPTEMBER 21st, 2011

thank you & i happy to be part of you group!! way to gohughughughug

Smaller the dog,- bigger the- syndrome!
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '12 10:31pm PST 
Thanks, Droopy!
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 5:54am PST 
My birthday is January 12, 2001 and my Bridge day is August 5, 2012 wavewavewave


I played for the- Celtics as Big- Baby!
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '12 12:20pm PST 
Thaks, Abby!

angel in- disguise
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '12 7:49am PST 
Good morning everyfur!wavewave
Hope you all have a blessed day!

My Birthday 2/28/11

My Got'Cha Day 3/25/11

My Rainbow Bridge Day 9/10/11

Smaller the dog,- bigger the- syndrome!
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '12 5:57pm PST 
Angel Whisper, your got-cha day is the same as G-Pa's birthday!
Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 7:21pm PST 
Bumping this up so all you new friends can add your special days so we can celebrate with youbig hug
♥Budd- y♥ My- Angel

The Boss
Barked: Tue Nov 13, '12 7:42pm PST 
Hi We don't know when my birthday was as i was adopted from the winnipeg Humane society so we call that our anniversary day but now other seem to call it gotcha day so that would be Oct.11, 1997 and my Bridge Day is November 17, 2008..when i was adopted the vets figured i was around 6 -8 years then when i continued in my journey and had to leave my Meowmy I was between 17 and 19

I love my dad!
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 2:14pm PST 
Thank you, Buddy, for the information! We will add it to our list! Hope you are doing well! I know you have made LOTS of friends at the bridge! You are one popular guy!
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