Halloween Photo Contest

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Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Sat Oct 29, '11 8:09am PST 
Milo! No apologies necessary! I'm gonna take ALL the votes, rank 'em and then award the top three in each category. Or four in necessary!

I'm sorry your mom is not feeling well! I sure hope she feels better soon! Has she seen the doctor?

Love you, little guy!
Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Sun Oct 30, '11 10:12am PST 
Milo..Hope your Momma feels betterhug
Rubio I didn't see a voting link so will send my votes to you

Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Sun Oct 30, '11 4:25pm PST 
Nope, no voting link! Pawmail me or Dewey with your votes!

Thanks everyone!


Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Tue Nov 1, '11 9:01pm PST 
WOW! I have to say that EVERY pet got at least one vote! There were some excellent entries for this contest!

The winners are:

Scariest Cat:
Milo: Yowee!
Milo: Meowloween

Funniest Cat:
Milo: Pizza

Most Creative Cat:
Angel Missy: Cat on pumpkin
Milo: R Ya Skeered?
Honorable Mention: Wriggley

Scariest Dog:
Toto: ghost
Honorable Mention: Abbie: Boo!

Funniest Dog:
Abbie: Devil
Rubio: Football
Honorable Mention: Precious and Peanut

Most Creative Dog:
Lucy: Witch
Xena: Pirate
Honorable Mention: The Three Musketeers

Thank you ALL for entering AND for voting!
Xena In- Loving- Memory

Warrior Princess
Barked: Tue Nov 1, '11 9:48pm PST 
Thank you Always In Our Hearts, Great Administrators and Loyal Members for this Wonderful Honor (2nd Place Most Creative Dog).... happy dancelittle angelhappy dance

I also want to Congratulate all the other Winners in the Contest!!!
applausehailway to goapplausehailway to goapplausehailcheer
ALL the entries were absolutely Fantabulous!!! What a tough act to follow...smile

Angel hugs and kisses~Xena & family
Blackburn's- Angels ILM

Barked: Tue Nov 1, '11 9:59pm PST 
Thank you Always In Our Hearts and everyone for The Honorable Mention Award in the Halloween Photo Contest. hugbig hugbig hughug

Congratulations to all the Winners! applause hailway to go applause
Congratulations to All the Entries. They were All GREAT pictures!!! hug

Huggies to Everyone~Peanut and Precious

big hughugbig hughugbig hughugbig hug

Bluest Eyes In- TEXAS
Barked: Wed Nov 2, '11 3:26pm PST 
applausecheerapplausepartyhappy dance What a fun 'n pawsome Contest!~ Concats to all our winners! We gotza great group here 'n memmer's dat ROCK! Thank u so mush Rubio, Dewey 'n furmilies fur my win's!~ We had so mush fun enterin'!~
hamster dancepartyhamster dancehi5big grinbig grinhug
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