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Dogster/Catsters, No Fun With It Anymore!


Miss Barky Von- Barkle
Barked: Sat Sep 10, '11 6:01am PST 
My mom is seriously considering leaving Dogsters/Catstersfrown
She cannot get into any of the e-mails to reply back for us furs, she cannot click onto the groups from the e-mails. The only way she can make any contact is by clicking onto the word "Dogster" or "Catsters" and then click onto the word "Community" and then click onto the groups that us furs belong to in order to get into the groups. She said that this is just too much "clicking around" to just get into the groups and such.
So if any furs out there know how to solve this problem for our mom, please, please, please help. Otherwise, we will just have to abandon Dogster/Catsters forever!

The Tanner- Brigade.ning The- Big Backyard
Barked: Sat Sep 10, '11 8:12am PST 
I sent you a link to a group to complain in..Let us know if they did not help you and we can try a mass notice so they hear you!
Mom has always had good results thru this group! hug
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 7:12am PST 
Have you emailed them? The address is at the contact us area.

King Pugsley

Mr Kingsley is a- true pug
Barked: Sat May 5, '12 2:00pm PST 
Yes but we have had the same problems that's why we go mising some times

It keeps happening on & off and then our pals don't think we care and we do do very much

love you all for keeping the group going,,

Got a ne w computer once we get it loaded more speed adn GB and updated windows. We can't wait shrugwave

The Tanner- Brigade on ning- in The Big Ba
Barked: Sun May 13, '12 6:16am PST 
Happy you all are back!! Keep trying!! Happy Mothers Day!! flowers
Pepper Love

Pepper Loves to- dance
Barked: Mon May 14, '12 4:55pm PST 
we have a new and better computer and are trying to load stuff from the old computer little harder than we thought .. Please be patient with us .. This upgrade should allow us to post much faster and not get hung up all the time ..We get hung even on our on dog pages ..

Keep your paws crossed for us ok

thanks for your understanding

pepper lovewave