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Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Sun Jul 31, '11 6:24pm PST 
Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you! We'd love to get to know you!

Belly rubs and ear scritches,
*Peaches*~R.- I.P.~1999-20- 10

Blind Dogs See- Wif' Their- Hearts
Barked: Wed Aug 3, '11 12:29am PST 
I'm Mimi's Peachy. I didn't expect my earthbound stay would show me a world beyond having babies and knowing only other rat mothers. When I went to live with my Mimi, I got to know lots of hoomans and udder kinds of petsters 'sides rat terriers. Best of all she showed me what it's like to be special to a hooman. I had some amazing adventures wif' my petmates. I hardly' member the bad times like losing my eyesight and getting sick from diabetes. I miss my forever earth home, but I know I'll have my Mimi back when she gets up here to God's perfect land. Then we will truly enjoy all eternity together without fear of ever being parted.

Der's so much more to tell about before I climbed up into His Everlasting Arms little angel but I'd better save some room for all yoo udder group memebershug We'd like to read yur stories dog

Tank yoo fur readin' mine,
Peachy Sue

rainbowlittle angelrainbowlittle angelrainbowlittle angelrainbowlittle angel
Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Wed Aug 3, '11 8:46am PST 
welcome Peachy Sue, I'm Angel Lexi and it's so nice to meet youbig hug I'm so happy you had a good life and God Bless your MiMi for giving you that lifehug

It's kind of quiet here right now as Rubio and family are all on vacation so I'm covering for them. Please stop in and play some games and if you have Angel friends who would like to join us here please let us know and we will be more than happy to invite them..We love new friends.

Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Fri Aug 12, '11 12:15pm PST 
Bumping this up for our new Friends

Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Fri Aug 12, '11 1:19pm PST 
Hi Peachy! We are so glad you joined our group! Your Mimi sounds like she was a wonderful mommy to you! Thank heaven for people like her!rnrnHugs,rnRubio

Smaller the dog,- bigger the- syndrome!
Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 10:18am PST 
Bumping this up! Please tell us about yourself!

I played for the- Celtics as Big- Baby!
Barked: Sat Dec 3, '11 6:07pm PST 
I'd love to hear from some more of you, whether new or old!

My mommy got me at her work. The library had it's first ever pet adoption day with the county shelter and that's where she got me! She loved me long and hard for over ten years until I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She seriously considered radiation, but it would only have given me six more months and mommy couldn't stand to see me suffering and not understanding why she was dragging me into the vet to have more awful stuff!
Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Barked: Thu Dec 29, '11 4:48am PST 
I'm Miss Mittens. My sister Kaci and I were older kitties of 9-1/2 yrs when mommy adopted us in January 2006. Our former mommy had to leave us when she went to heaven. Kaci and I were very happy we could stay together! Mommy opened her heart to us and gave us a good, loving home. I was timid, shy, gentle, sweet-tempered and easy to love and became very attached to my mommy. The only time I'd act like a demanding Diva was when I was hungry and wanted to eat! Kaci and I were very happy.

Then something bad happened -- I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2008 and given 6 months to live. Mommy opted for chemo and my cancer went into remission. In May 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney disease and heart disease. Despite all that mommy and my vet did to try and help me, my body couldn't handle all those diseases and I came here to the Bridge on September 1, 2010. When I left my mommy, it broke her heart with sadness. Her heart still hurts and she misses me dearly. But I was suffering very much and mommy knows I'm happy and healthy again and in peace here at the Bridge. little angel

Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Thu Dec 29, '11 10:54am PST 
Oh Miss Mittens! Mommy knows exactly how your mommy feels, but she did the right thing for you! You are happy and whole at th rainbow bridge, just like me and Blaze! (Blaze had an inoperable brain tumor!)

Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 6:13pm PST 
It's terribly hard to lose us but our Pawrents know we are pain free and little angellittle angel free.

My story is long but here goes:

When Momma went to the shelter to pick out a dog for her 5 yr old grandson they had brought in a very old chcoclate lab who was so starved she onlt weighed 40 pounds and was in labor. She had only 3 wee pups and the staff named them after expensive cars, Bently, Mercedes and Lexus. Momma chose Lexus and named me Lexi her Baby gurl. They were able to visit me daily until I was old enough to come home. So Momma loved me from the day I was born. We went everywhere together, training classes, long car rides along lake superior, playing with her friends doggies and kids and especially our quiet times chasing butterflies in fileds and the woods which was our favorite spot.

Then when I was 6 Momma went to see her daughter in the state of WA. I quit eating and wouldn't get off the chair Momma always sat on. Daddy lifted me up and put one of Mommas shirts under me but I was so sad and lonesome cuzz we had never been apart. He took me to the vet where Momma worked and I stayed there and OMD when she came home I was so excited! Shortly after that I started having seizures and the pheno didn't help. Everyone on dogster/catser prayed very hard which was so appreciated. I ended up at the clinic/hospital where Momma worked and she got to stay with me 24/7. When I got worse Momma brought Monnie down and I lifted my head sniffed her and let out a big sigh as Momma was holding me all tangled in my IV lines etc. The Angels came and took me and Momma cried and cried and cried. I live in her heart nowcloud 9 Momma is a Christian and says, God does answer all prayers but sometimes the answer is NO and we can't question it.
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