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Magoo- (Forever- Cherished)

Forever Loved- and Cherished
Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 2:22pm PST 
Hi, Sugar! Yes, Pea-Nutty is also here, a.k.a. PEE Nutty in other circles. eekeekeekeekeekeekeek

I think your two sisters are too young to be part of this group, right? So glad you are here. welcomewelcomeflowersflowersflowers
Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 7:47pm PST 
Hey Magooroni! wave Good to see you again, pal. wink A lot of my furiends call me 'Nutty' (not because I am a little cuckoo - ha ha!). way to go Bambi will be 7 in December of this year and May is still quite the youngen - only 1 1/2 years old. laugh out loud

My sister is- sweet!
Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 9:39pm PST 
Hi Pea Nutty, Magoo and Sugar. How was your Wednesday? Good I

I got to play in the water from the hose today. It was alot of fun too!

Then I still wanted to play but Mom dragged me walk So to get even I went straight to her bed and laid down.laugh out loud oops, kind of got her bed wet and dirty.

So I got to go now, I'm grounded tonight.shh

Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Thu Jun 30, '11 12:51pm PST 
Hey there, Three wave So you like water, huh? shock I can't stand it myself. laugh out loud Also hate baths!
Magoo- (Forever- Cherished)

Forever Loved- and Cherished
Barked: Thu Jun 30, '11 1:14pm PST 
Hi, Guys! Have you noticed it is the bigger dogs who love water, while the smaller ones, like the Chis and Yorkies, tend to hate it? I think because it is harder for us with our little legs. Yeah, that's my excuse, I hate anything that resembles work. BOL
dog walkdog walkdog walkdog walkdog walk
Mitchell- Thomas RIP- 2001-2015

I'm The- Mitchell!
Barked: Thu Jun 30, '11 4:41pm PST 
Hi, I'm new here. wave My sister and I LOVE water! We swim in our pool as much as possible in the summer. Daisy, who is twelve now, has a bit of trouble with her back legs, but she still swims really well. Me, I'm a swimming fool.

I'm looking forward to being part of this group.happy dance

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(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Fri Jul 1, '11 2:32am PST 
welcomewavewelcomeo how i love to see all those new muzzles.
you all look so pretty
i love water.
but i only walk thru it
as long as my paws feel ground,i love water
but i don't like to loose ground in watereek

I'm a lover not- a fighter
Barked: Fri Jul 1, '11 4:27am PST 
Hi, I am anew member and thought I would introduce myself. I am Dolly, a norwegian elkhound mix and I am sweet 16 today. Does that qualify me as seniorlaugh out loud Anyway I have some arthritis and broken teeth but my dogter says I could easily pass for a dog of 11cheer Hi allwave
Nikki My- Sweet Angel

My eyes say it- all
Barked: Fri Jul 1, '11 6:26am PST 
wave I`m Nikki a pure breed Siberian Husky or sibe. I`ll be 11 on Sept 1. Of course my mind is still young and I do still play just not as long as I used to. People say i could pass for about 7 years or younger. Of course my body isn`t always as young as mind. laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Magoo- (Forever- Cherished)

Forever Loved- and Cherished
Barked: Fri Jul 1, '11 7:25am PST 
Welcome to all our new members! It is wonderful to have you here! hughughughughug

And Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Dolly. You still look like a young pup! partypartypartypartypartypartypartywisheswisheswisheswishespartypartyparty

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Dolly!
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