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Daisy Mae

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Barked: Mon Apr 18, '11 6:34pm PST 
Daisy Mae is one year old. She weighs in at 18 pounds. The vet says she could stand to lose a couple pounds. I did not think that she needed to lose weight. She has beautiful definition in her waist when you look down on her or from the side. The vet's criteria for saying that she needed to lose weight is that you can't feel her ribs all that well. She has lots of loose skin still. Is this a good way to judge weight and size on a pug? She has not broadened completely out yet in the chest, so I figure that she will grow into her loose skin. I can feel her ribs on the bottom of her chest, just not the side.

My mom took her to the vet for me and was told all of this. She was not real impressed with this vet (there are 5 or 6 at the clinic we go to) because she wanted to do the heartworm blood draw and clip her toenails while a vet tech was holding her up with Daisy Mae's back to the vet tech's chest and all 4 legs sticking out. Daisy Mae was wiggling around a lot. My mom made them put her on the table and had them skip doing the toenails.

Can you really tell if a pug is overweight only by feeling for the ribs?

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Hi Daisy Mae!

Obviously not all Pugs are the same but 18 pounds is right in line with breed standard. I have a book on Pug care that I refer to as my "Pug bible" and it says if you can look down at the dog and see a "waist" then your dog is fine.

I know what you mean about the different vets. My vets office has three and I only like two of them. When I go in I actually tell them I will wait for one of those two to become available (we don't make appts there).

I hope this helps you feel better!

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Daisy Mae

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Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 3:59am PST 
Thanks, she definitely has a waist.

I was just worried about her weight because her momma is only 14.5 pounds, but described as very petite and her poppa is 18 pounds.

I like most of the vets at the clinic. That vet is the only one I do not care for. She was great when I had my other dog in there when he was sick and had kidney and liver failure. There is one other vet that I do not like seeing, but that is only because he is new and very unsure of himself. He always wants to consult with someone else and that makes it take a lot longer.

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Hi Daisy,

I wish I could help but I don't know how I can. Dewey has always weighed between 19 and 23 lbs, and has never been told to lose weight. He has a good shape to him but it is because he is very tall for a pug and very solid. So, I don't know how to tell when a good size is there.

I know they have some pictures of how dogs should look at the vet, maybe you can look it up online. It is usually a picture of how it would look if you were looking down at them standing, and looking down their back. No ribs showing, but not so round in the middle.

Sorry I'm not much help!
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I had a vet say mine were fat. Wheezer was 28lbs and Raven is 18lbs..they are NOT fat.
Like Sassy said you look down and see a waist. Pugs can not be judged like other dogs, same goes for Bulldogs.
As long as they have the hour glass and when you look under the belly and you don't see a "pot belly sway" then she is fine.
Raven has a ton of loose skin.
Also now a days Pugs come in all sizes and more and more are very have large builds.
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Barked: Thu May 5, '11 1:34pm PST 
Wheezer looks nothing close to 28 lbs! He looks good.