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The Lion King
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 7:10am PST 
Hi Tigger, I think some kitties just don't come on catster much. Maybe that's the reason. Not all have answered my friend request either.

Here's a kitty who is DDP today and only has one friend.

Leopold 1185851

Best Friend
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 7:34am PST 
Here's another one that has 0 friends, except me now. She has been on catster since April

Simba 1186031
Samoa - Diva Angel

Supreme- Detective &- Beauty Queen
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 7:51am PST 
I added Pocono to the Purr List. Feel free anytime you see a kitty that needs purrs to add a comment listing their name, ID# and why they need purrs.

Here is the Purr List in the forum


copy cat cappy- cot
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 9:14am PST 
This is great news! Josie has a new little brother named Toby! Josie is angel Henry's sister. Her mom has been so sad since Henry died, so this will help her to heal. Toby is SOOOO CUTE, only 2 months old! Everybody go make friends with this cute little guy!
hamster dance
Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 11:12am PST 
We sent Josie and Pocono a friend request and I also pawmailed Pocono's mom with some ideas to help her. Hope she paws back! cloud 9

Backflips are my- specialty!
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 11:17am PST 
Hey everyone! This kitty just went to the bridge and her mom is very sad. She posted in the memorial section and I noticed she doesn't have many friends. She seems very nice and has two other kitties. So if you could visit Lexi and friend her and her family, I'll bet her mom would feel very comforted! huglittle angel

Tig DaCatt!
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 2:39pm PST 
We've made 19 new friends since last night! I found Daphne on a stroll. She had severe chemical burns & her ears were cut off. It didn't say so,but I fear abuse. She joined April 23rd,& has no friends yet. Her ID# is 1185800. I see that I'm not the only one who has trouble making links that will work in the threads. Might one of our tech-savvy members post us a how-to link clinic to help streamline the process of sending friend requests?thinking

Backflips are my- specialty!
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 6:05pm PST 
Here you go! Go to this site, it's unbelievably easy!
Create a link
Tigger ~- Loved- Forever

Whatever, I do- what I want!
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 8:24pm PST 
If you want to make your own links the code would be as follows. Remove the spaces, except between the a and href (here is the code for my page):

< a href="" >Tigger< /a >


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Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 6:33pm PST 
I wanna be a big brofur. I think that be fun.

I still looking around to get meows out.big grin
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