Happy Spring Amigos!


Kitties are born- to run and be- loved
Barked: Mon Mar 21, '11 5:23am PST 
Happy Spring!
Patches- Marie- Bush-Bowers

Walking on Cloud- 9!!
Barked: Thu Mar 24, '11 12:52am PST 
How cute Dakota.
Happy Spring to you too Sweetie.hug
Mr. Smokey- Bowers

DJ of The Alley- Cats!
Barked: Thu Mar 24, '11 9:12pm PST 

Great picture buddy!!!!!!



Kitties are born- to run and be- loved
Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 3:06pm PST 
shrug Well everybody, it's hot here in Florida so I guess Spring is over.laugh out loudlaugh out loud
How are my friends doing these days?

I'm in charge!!
Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 5:44pm PST 
Gi Everyone
YIPPEE! I am so excited for springtim, open windows and watching those birds and all smilesmile

Kitties are born- to run and be- loved
Barked: Fri Apr 8, '11 3:22pm PST 
snoopysnoopy Elmer we have the baby cranes coming in our neighborhood and the doves look in my window!laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Hope you all have fun in the springtime!
Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Sun Apr 10, '11 4:32pm PST 
Yeppers it hot here in Central Texas as well and to top it off wes in drought here so lots of chances fur wildfires here. De nasty ole wind blew all de buds off de palns so der will be no pretty roses dis year. Sorry fur de ones dat got all de bad weather de other day but it went North East of us so we missed out on. Nope mes did not send it and would love to get sum much needed rain. It hit in de 90s here al ready dis week.
shock shock shock shock
Adam Chewbacca

Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 7:28pm PST 
Hi Everyone,

I am Smokey's new sister. It sure has been hot here in southern Alabama. Thank goodness the Tornado watches and warning missed us.