Japan....forever changed!

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for those that do not read the C & D Cruise Line paper...I felt I had to post this here....

I am prompted to write this as I sit daily hearing the horrors of a living hell.....The devastation of Japan...I can only add that they must remain in our prayers...We have many members from Japan at Dogster and catster....and to date,unheard or known about........In a single moment,friends,family,everything ..... is gone forever!

I had always thought that this quake will redefine the complete world.....and it did: We shifted the plant!..This quake...moved Planet Earth!

Japan's quake shifted earth on its Axis:

The magnitude-9.0 earthquake that struck Japan shifted the Earth on its axis and shortened the length of a day by a hair, U.S. scientists reveal.
It also moved Japan's coastline, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
The redistribution of mass caused by the quake tilted the Earth's axis 6.5 inches and shortened the day by a 1.8 millionths of a second, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.
It also made Japan about 13 feet wider than it was before, the geological survey said.
In addition, a 250-mile-long coastal section of Japan dropped in altitude by 2 feet, which let the tsunami travel farther and faster onto land, geological survey geophysicist have confirmed.
The morning after Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake to hit the island nation in recorded history and the tsunami it unleashed,and even as the earth continued to twitch with aftershocks,the disaster's massive impact was only beginning to be revealed.

Rescue efforts began with the first light as military helicopters plucked survivors from roofs and carried them to safety.

The 8.9-magnitude temblor, which was centered near the east coast of Japan, killed hundreds of people, caused the formation of 30-foot walls of water that swept across rice fields, engulfed entire towns, dragged houses onto highways, and tossed cars and boats like toys. Some waves reached six miles (10 kilometers) inland in Miyagi Prefecture on Japan's east coast...Later the quake proved to be more then the 8.9....

A town and everything is gone:

Imagine if you will.....After feeling the world rock beneath your feet to what is now known as the worse quake in what was the 100 plus years of recording quake history,this was a crippling 9. 0, up'd from the 8.9 they thought is may have been.....and then ...perhaps a mere 20 to 30 minutes later....the ocean has crashed through what appeared to be a two-story-high sea gate, then careened through the valley, following a two-lane road. .....It rises up, over and through a bridge and smash into scores of houses, ripping most apart instantly. Other houses, were pulled from their foundations and slammed together like toys on the floor...
The water....a torrent of hell....channeling on both sides by hills plummet waves another kilometer or so inland, depositing the broken wooden innards of homes....
I never thought a tsunami would come this far inland,..many thought we were safe.
From a battered concrete foundation amid the flattened landscape....everyone..and everything; prompting many today to think of Saito and to have it spoken about in the past tense.

Where once stood the city hall ,one can merely look towards a two-story white building that stood alone near the beach, leaning at an angle into a sheet of mud and sand.That was city hall.

A three-story building a few hundred yards away whose entire facade had been ripped off and was covered in black and yellow ocean buoys.That was the elementary school, Most everything else has disappeared.

People struggle, but it is all gone,Everything is lost.

A tranquil tree-covered island could be seen just off the coast. That such violence could come from such a picturesque view seemed contradictory, hard to believe.

One crumpled sign indicated there had once been a train station here, it is hard to tell where, though. There were no tracks, no trains, no station.

Crushed bulldozers had been turned upside down. The blue-tiled roof of one house lay across a bridge. The wheels of a vehicle stuck out from under the roof.

A few yards away, a bloated black-spotted white cow lay on the foundation of another vanished home, streams of dried blood running from its pink nose, its eyes looking out over the destruction. Embedded in the hardened silt nearby lay a blue baby stroller, covered in what looked like hay. ....and in many's thoughts,where have they gone...the people,the village,everything.

For those that have survived say they can never live here again...Just how many people died? Even that is taken away for only a few bodies have been seen. The notion that everybody was swept out to sea.

In the wider region of Minamisanrikucho, of which Saito is just one coastal village, authorities as saying at least 4,500 of the 17,000 inhabitants were believed dead. Police estimated 10,000 dead among the 2.3 million people in the Miyagi prefecture, the Japanese equivalent of a state.

The firefighters who arrived Monday came from an inland town to pick through the rubble. Wearing goggles and dust masks, they carried long pickaxes, chainsaws and backpacks. They looked like spacemen walking across a gigantic lunar garbage dump.

As a Japanese self-defense force helicopter circled overhead, they lifted one hunched and frozen corpse from the mud of a dried canal filled with smashed cars and twisted mountains of corrugated iron sheeting. The tsunami had pulled the dead man's dark blue plaid shirt over his head. His white knuckles were visible, his hand still clenched. The firefighters covered him in a blue plastic tarp and carried him away on a stretcher. Later, they found another corpse in the rubble and carted that one away, too.

The road that winds through Saito is broken apart in several spots. At one point , where the tsunami wave stopped , it leads into a quiet neighborhood of another village where two-story houses stand perfectly intact, their windows not even shattered .... as if nothing ever happened.

There, on the pavement, in front of a small government house-turned-shelter where survivors rested on tatami mats, somebody had scrawled huge white letters in the road for air crews to see: SOS.

Could a third disaster befall...Japan:

A third explosion in four days rocked the earthquake-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan early Tuesday, the country's nuclear safety agency declared.

The blast at Dai-ichi Unit 2 followed two hydrogen explosions at the plant ,the latest on Monday ,as authorities struggle to prevent the catastrophic release of radiation in the area devastated by a tsunami.

The troubles at the Dai-ichi complex began when Friday's massive quake and tsunami in Japan's northeast knocked out power, crippling cooling systems needed to keep nuclear fuel from melting down.

The latest explosion was heard at 6:10 a.m. Tuesday (2110 GMT Monday), a spokesman for the Nuclear Safety Agency said at a news conference. The plant's owner, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said the explosion occurred near the suppression pool in the reactor's containment vessel.

3 nuclear plants sit upon disastrous failure...How much more can the people take? What future repercussions will happen,when poison...dangerous levels of radiation pour into the air?

I cannot stress this enough....Japan needs our help and we must aid them.....Contact your local Red Cross,trust me,we need to all do something here.....And I will also add....for the many members in both Catster and Dogster...you are in our thoughts,prayers and.....hope.

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Praying for the people of Japan. I cannot even imagine what they are going through.
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Everyone..please show your support.....
Please join "United PAWS For Japan" in making a small donation of your choice to Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief.
Click on the CNN Money link below and scroll half way down the page. On the left there is a "Make A Donation" box where you may choose from four ways in which to donate.
It is my understanding from my Japanese furrend Anzumaru, that Purina is donating money, food and items to the cats and dogs of devastated Japan. So everyfur, let's purchase Purina.
It is said that when the Japanese people win a fight, they shout "Sakurasaku". The Japanese people and their furs will win this fight, and we will be standing right beside them.
Japanese Relief Site-CNN Money

United PAWS for Japan
also,take this image and put it on your page with the tag...."United PAWS for Japan"
thank you