How did you get your nicknames?


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Sat Feb 19, '11 5:02pm PST 
Some dogs have the funniest nicknames! How did you get your nicknames? What are all of your nicknames?
Bentlee Jade

Barked: Mon Mar 21, '11 4:09am PST 
i got mine cuz mommy says i'm a brat. she calls me bratlee instead of bentlee when she's madnaughty
Jinjo *Stumpy of the Wild*

Guess what I ate- today? {and it- was good
Barked: Thu May 5, '11 5:41pm PST 
People just like to call me "Stumpy"...I don't get it?
The boy who use to live with us likes to call me "Doo" humans don't even get it.
My person loves to call be "Grr-Grr Man", I know that one, cause I like to "Grrr"!

UKC Ch Endless Waltz de Nanrox

<(-How do you- Dew?-)>
Barked: Thu May 5, '11 5:44pm PST 
Uh, well isn't it obvious I'm a Princess! I also like to wiggle, I can't help it I just get so EXCITED!

Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Fri Sep 2, '11 7:32pm PST 

Scrappy Dog
Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 1:08pm PST 
Well My nick names are Scrappadoodle and ScrapPile. My mommy named me scrappy becasue She thought I was a Scrappy dog. I still am and always will be. Its a cute name and it fits me. I looked like a scrap pile before I got my hair cut.