Dayzee's Daily Update Diary

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Buddy of- Corolla

Where's da- ball....gimme - da ball...
Barked: Sat Jan 29, '11 6:11pm PST 
Me would never stay still for 6 weeks. Mommie gets on me for jumping on Goofy when Mom says feeding time. shrug get so excited when Mom says food snoopysnoopy Goofy is just a pokey butt. hamster dancehamster dance
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Sun Jan 30, '11 5:16pm PST 
Oh no Dayzee and mommy.
Praying for both of you. hughughughughughug
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 6:17pm PST 
Oh Dayzee hug we are thinking of you sweetie and keepin you in our prayers to be well hug are you feeling any better today sweetie

Josie, NPC

I listen....when- me feels like it- BOL
Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 8:44pm PST 
Oh Miss Dayzee n Mommy youse has gots ta bees carefur!

Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 12:05pm PST 
Hugs Dayzee!


I hope you and your mommy heal very quickly!
Suzy- ♥- Dreyfus

Gramma Suzy
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 2:40pm PST 
Always in my prayers dear! *mwah* from Suzy
jonathon my- loving angel

Punish the deed,- not the breed
Barked: Fri Feb 4, '11 4:28pm PST 
Oh miss dayzee. you gots to be careful. keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, angel jonathon, sassy, tito, spike, porter and the mommahughug
Harley- Diva-Girl,CG- C,Therapy D

Fur Diva
Barked: Sat Feb 5, '11 5:34am PST 
hugHuggs to you and mommahug
Jazzi- Danz'r,- CGC,Therapy- D

Barked: Sat Feb 5, '11 5:34am PST 
hugcheerhugMs: dayzee anda Mommahug
HarleyDavids- on THD, CGC

Loved to be- loved
Barked: Sat Feb 5, '11 7:49am PST 
hughughug for Dayzee and Nancyhughughug
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