Favorite dog breed?

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Jinjo *Stumpy of the Wild*

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Barked: Thu May 5, '11 5:53pm PST 
Well, absolute, never change, always there, hands down, Pembroke's! I also love Cardi's too.
As far as I admire so much I love right now, I'm also in LOVE with Tibetan Spaniels!
As far as Beaucerons, I love my Enda with all my heart, but other than being completely gorgeous, eh, I wouldn't say I'm that in love with them overall, not like my Corgwn anyway.

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Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 5:39pm PST 
Hands down. Labrador Retriever. As long as you give your Lab plenty of exercise and let him/her work (retrieving is their work), it is the perfect dog.
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