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Belle- (Bella)

Shelter Dogs- Rule!
Barked: Mon Nov 22, '10 8:04am PST 
I sure hope we are doing a Christmas Card exchange. Has anyone else signed up? I can't wait to start getting all those fun Christmas Cards from everyone!cloud 9

Little Tuff- Hurricane Buster
Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 4:06am PST 
I luv getting pretty Christmas cards for allof my furiends!!! I even get more cards then mommy does....laugh out loud
Brandy- (1995-2012)

Luv to bark !
Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 4:08am PST 
A prayer for your pal the big Red dog that things go right for 9


Her motto is
Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 9:40am PST 
Oh Piglet --- I hope everything works out for Big Red Dog. Just think, maybe he'll get a forever home for Christmas. I wish all dogs could get good, loving forever homes for Christmas. I like Christmas cause it gets fun at our house. Present wrappin, decoratin, all that stuff. Lily and I are working on our Christmas cards right now. And we've been so very, very good. Cept for a coupla things.

Shelter dogs- Rule!
Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 7:14pm PST 
We've been good too we are so sad about our pal Redcry He is such a wonderful big boy. All mom has done is cry over him. I sure wished there was something I could do to make her happy. She is going to go see Big Red tomorrow maybe he can cheer her up.shrug

Shelter dogs- Rule!
Barked: Sun Nov 28, '10 8:18am PST 
Well mom has gone and done it now. She is bringing Red back home!!! Now all the real fun will begin all over again...We are gonna help mom get out the chrismas decorations out today and decorate the house. I sure hope she puts some stuff outside so I can decorate with my own stuff. happy dance
Princess- Brea, - Cheerleader

Luvs to Cheer
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 6:27am PST 
Wow! That is great news!! Now you can really start celebrating the season!!

Little Tuff- Hurricane Buster
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 6:37am PST 
Luke, now ya all have another reason to celebrate Christmas. Big Red!!

He would have made a good mascot for the football game this past Saturday nite with the rivary between OU (Big Red territory) and OSU (Cowboys - where mommy's works at). Mommy's human 13 yr old nephew who is a fantic fan of OU spend the nite with us Sat nite.

I had to referee the two of them. laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Born to Love- Diamond
Barked: Tue Nov 30, '10 10:14am PST 
our family is ready, Mommie trying to get us to sit still long enough to get a Christmas pic for her cards but no luck yet...I would love a new stuff toy and Jack wants a new squirrel stufty

Wheres- my- frisbee!!!
Barked: Tue Nov 30, '10 11:36am PST 
Hey Chaddie I would love to have a new squirrel thingy for christmas too. Mom got some news that our Big Red has a dozen applications for adoption on him so it looks like we are gonna have to let him go after all.cry Everything is back up in the air again with him.
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