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Hollywood did- it, not me!
Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 6:30am PST 
Since I am new at being owned by a pug. This is my question. Are all pugs clowns and on the stubborn side? Archer seems to be the life of the party, so to speak. AlwaYs wanting you to pay attention to him and not the other babies. Thanks for any replies.
Arhcer's Auntie Christy

Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 8:55am PST 
Archers Auntie Christie:
Welcome to the wonderful world of Pug ownership. There is nothing like it and I usually like to joke that Pugs are like potato chips, you can't have just one! ha-ha.
In my experience I can tell you that they indeed are clowns! I actually have one Pug but I also foster Pugs for the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue so I usually have a few extras at the house. It is funny because on one hand I want to say that they are all alike because all that I have met are silly but they are also each very unique in their personalities. I don't know where you are located but you should look for a pug meet-up group in your area. Those are hilarious because all you see are curly tails running around together and all you hear is snorting!
As far as the attention goes, it seems to be, at least at my house, by individual pug. My youngest one here right now is five and he is happy to come by and get a little rub and then will go off on his own but he is also the funniest of the bunch. One of my fosters likes to hop right up and lay with me but he is ok if another dog lays with me too. My other foster just lays someone nearby where he can see me constantly.
Has anybody told you (probably your vet) about the couple special care things that Pugs require? If not, shout back and I'll fill you in.
Also, if you just want to chat with the humans in here we all go into the Cafe and chat. Just stop on in and introduce yourself!