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Cinnie CGC,- TDI, NJ-A,- NJP

Did you say- agility?
Barked: Fri Jul 23, '10 7:11pm PST 
Pawesome photos pups!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Mom is apparently photo-challenged She cant get mine to post Oh well....................
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:41am PST 
YAY!!! what a talented bunch of pups you are - amazing photo'sdancingdancingdancing I especially love Big Teddy's "high flying" through the tyrelaugh out loud and lil Teddy's and Missy's duo jump - pawtasticapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause - must get mum to put some of mine upwink
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:54am PST 
mum can only find 2 at the momentconfused


dancingbig grinbig grin

Girl (The- Littles- Black Devils

Mimi, Girl- ,Kissy , Mickey- & Phiasko
Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:38pm PST 
cheercheercheercheerSome of us have photos toobig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin






Lucas (My- Gentle- Angel)

Did I hear- cellophane- crinkle?
Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 8:24pm PST 
shockshockshock You got GREAT pics.. and stand up ears !! shockshockshock
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 8:27pm PST 
Lucassssssssssssssss !!

Heck he embarrasses me sometimes !!

From the one who also has stand up ears !

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Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 3:56am PST 
wow what cracking photo's from our newest membercheercheercheer i just love the tyre jump twist - brilliant angleapplauseapplause
Teddy, CGC

Little- Teddy- Weddy
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 12:22pm PST 
applauseapplauseapplauseapplause WOW more fantastic piccies, I love seeing everyfur in action!!

Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 8:21am PST 
Jumping over a snowdrift

big laughlaugh out loudbig laugh

Loved all your great pictures! way to go Missy and Teddy jumping together is particulary cute!
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 9:02am PST 
woohoo what talent Roscodancingdancingapplauseapplauseapplausebig grin
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