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This is Fun & I- Love Lucy!
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 3:09am PST 
guys we did not know what you wanted but please accept this money then you can buy what you want.
♥- TEDDY- ♥

Live-La- ugh-Luv
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 5:21am PST 
Comes over and leaves max and Diamond Lil their Wedding Gift,this is from me and zoie Wishing you both the Happy'st Day of your lifes and all the best for your future happy'ness wuvs Teddy,Zoie& TJ hughugwave

Wedding gift for Max & Diamond lil from Teddy & Zoie

Mommy's Baby- Lamb
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 5:54am PST 
You are so welcome Max! Glad you like the dinnerware. Zak and me will be eagerly awaiting a dinner invitation. See ya later...at you and Lil's special day!cheer


WARNING: I'm- capable of- chewing anything
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 6:20am PST 
Hiya Max and Diamond! I'm so happy for the two of you. I got you guys a gift!
The Present
I hope you like it! YAY!!! Today is the big wedding day!

Torties Rule
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 11:31am PST 
Greyson & I are so happy for the both of you! cheer cheer We are looking very forward to the wedding this afternoon. cloud 9

purrs, Lucy
Breanna My- Belle

B Girl with Hip- Hop girl- attitude
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 12:14pm PST 
We are sorry that we cannot attend...in fact, tears are streaming down our faces.
I'll miss my Charleyest Boy so much.
Even more I'll miss the wonderfur wedding.

Our love is with you!

Breeeeeeeeeeeeeezy Girl

‚ô•Luvs- my Mom
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 1:16pm PST 
While waiting for the wedding:

Diamond Lil and Max, may your love be as such a oneness that even if one crys the other will taste salt. And the joy of one will be the joy of the other. And that you will always want the other to have joy.

Fitz and Mom
Captain- Thumper

it's- all- mine
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 2:32pm PST 
Wishing you much happiness....here is a present for both of you
our gift

congratulations on yor wedding

Thumper and Princess
Captain Big- D

exployer of the- great outdoor
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 2:34pm PST 
we thought long and hard on what to get you the two of you....laugh out loud

and we came up with this....

something for the man cave


White Socks,Hobo,Mr.HC and Captain Big D
Thumper and- Princess- Davia

Me and My- Firefly........
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 2:37pm PST 
to help you celebrate.....congratulationswishes

for your first night
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