Squirrels - Shame on You

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Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 7:13am PST 
shrug People shrug
They need educatin' when it comes to general facts of life, like encroachin' on a dog's territory and gettin' in HIS face. We can't say in words, "back off", so what else can we do?
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the Original- Scruff-Muffin.
Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 11:41am PST 
eggzakly! that how we say it! back off Jack! (we need some angry moticons)

JL, i dint think you were dissin it. I guess i juss got carried away, cuz is one o mom's big things. it dint werk on you cuz it's not for those symptoms. it is not an anger management or distrust management remedy. it's a stress or emergency remedy. might deal with SOME anxiety, but not all. Mostly it's for emergencies. Freak outs, accidents, shock, that sort of thing. it can stop or prevent altogether those things.

Tell yer mama it could come in handy yet. and the thing with the RR is, the sooner applied in an emergency, the better. So mom just keeps it on her, in a pocket or her purse if she has ta carry one. it's come in handy many times.

Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 1:35pm PST 
The book must be popular - it was sold out. The Bach's - would it help me not go apes#%@ when I get left alone? I must admit I embarrass myself. red face

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Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 5:17pm PST 
no... it not sold out, maybe it hidin. shrug get one o da used ones. is not like books wear out.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/155643295X/ref=dp_olp_use d?ie=UTF8&condition=used

try that. cheer

Maddi, also look at the Bach Flower remedy *Heather* (below)

Rescue Remedy is a Flower essence, Flower essences or remedies are similar to homeopathic remedies, but they are used to treat behavioral problems. Rescue remedy, a combination of five flower essences, is often used to calm dogs with separation anxiety and to help dogs that have been rescued from shelters, puppy mills, or abusive owners.

Rescue Remedy, combined with the homeopathic remedy "Aconite" makes a wonderful calming essence that can be used on wild animals, and for rehabilitation, as mentioned above it works well on any kind of stress or fear situation and definitely helps with survival rate in these situations. A few drops of the combined essence in the mouth, on the gums or even be sprayed into the mouth via the spray form. A dropper of the combination can be put in the daily water for rescued animals to help them withstand the stress of captivity, and make them more manageable.

Other problem pets such as animals that tend to wander away from home, cats that urinate and defecate all over the house, animals that suffer from separation anxiety can all benefit from flower remedies, and their problems can be improved. It depends on the situation, often if the change will be permanent, some problems are related to other animals in the household, such as territorial behavior, and this may persist as long as another cat is present. Nevertheless appropriate flower essences can help alleviate and resolve many of these situations, again combined most effectively with behavior modification and possible changes to the living environment.

Flower remedies can help a lot with behavioral problems, such as biting and aggression. It is important to combine the remedy with training and behavior modification, and both these approaches are enhanced by the use of flower remedies. Fear, which is a common problem in animals, also can be helped by suitable remedies, and a combination of Rescue Remedy and the fear remedies will often help in situations such as fear of thunderstorms, or general lack of confidence. Animals that have been rescued or abused in the past often benefit wonderfully from the use of appropriate flower essences, and they can help to restore their confidence and build trust.

(Bach Flower Remedies)
* Aspen

For animals that are very fearful, for no apparent reason, and are very sensitive to anxiety and apprehension. They may tremble with fear and anxiety without any obvious causation. (Bach)

* Bleeding Heart

For grieving animals that have suffered a loss of either another animal or person. It also helps animals who have never recovered from a loss or grief that happened in the past. (FES)

* Centaury

For animals that are overly submissive and eager to please, tending to be bullied by other animals. For animals that grovel and urinate from submissive behavior when petted. (Bach)

* Chamomile

This is a calming remedy that helps fractious and irritable animals. It is especially useful if they are teething and also helps the animal that tends to have terrible temper tantrums. (FES)

* Cherry Plum

For animals that cannot control their behavior, such as aggression and biting, and tend to have violent impulses towards other animals and people, and even be dangerous. (Bach)

* Chicory

For the overly possessive and maternal animal that wants attention all the time and is also jealous of other animals or people who might compete with them for affection. (Bach)

* Crab Apple

For cleansing the body and getting rid of toxins. This remedy acts more on the physical body than any of the other essences and is good for any situation where cleansing is required. (Bach)

* Gentian

For animals that are easily discouraged and give up easily and are easily set back. For example in training programs they will give up if they make even a small mistake. (Bach)

* Heather

For animals that hate to be left alone, and suffer from separation anxiety. These animals tend to be very vocal, and may whine and cry a lot if they have to be left alone. (Bach)

* Impatiens

For the impatient, fast moving, hyperactive animal that never seems to slow down. These animals can be snappy and irritable and they tend to rush ahead, or pull on the leash. (Bach)

* Larch

For animals that lack self confidence and tend to be timid and shy, can help animals that need to perform in the show ring but dont have the confidence to show themselves well. (Bach)

* Mimulus

This remedy is for animals that are scared of known things, such as thunderstorms, other animals or people. It helps them to overcome their fears and be timid and scared of the world. (Bach)

* Olive

For animals that are exhausted and drained by a long strain or a difficult illness, such as a chronic disease. This will help them handle the ordeal better and become stronger again. (Bach)

* Pink Yarrow

Helps protect animals from negative emotional energy, such as during a divorce, or stressful family situation, or when another animal or person is sick or draining their energy reserves.

* Rescue Remedy

The single most useful flower remedy combination, helps with any kind of stress or trauma, such as accidents, birthing, illness, stress, and it even helps recovery after a seizure. (Bach)

* Rock Rose

This is useful for animals that are very scared and prone to panic attacks, for no known reason. They become totally rigid with fear and tend to be very highly strung and nervous. (Bach)

* Self Heal

This is a wonderful remedy either alone or in combination. It helps healing by stimulating the innate healing reserves of the body and is useful in any illness to bring about healing. (FES)

* Special Yarrow Formula

The Special Yarrow formula helps protect animals and people from negative external influences such as environmental pollution, toxins, electromagnetic energy and other factors. (FES)

* Star of Bethlehem

For animals that have suffered any kind of trauma, emotional or physical, such as an accident or abuse. It will help them to recover from this shock, however long ago it took place. (Bach)

* Tiger Lily

This remedy helps with aggression and animals that tend to bite and snap. It helps them release aggression and be less hostile, and opens them up to learning to co-operate with others. (FES)

* Vervain

This is good for the very enthusiastic animal that is over bearing and highly strung. It helps calm hyperactivity and restlessness and suits the animal that wears people out by their excess energy. (Bach)

* Vine

This remedy helps with the dominant animal who wants to be the boss of all the other animals and people. They are bullies to the other animals around them and hate to be disciplined. (Bach)

* Walnut

This is an extremely useful remedy for any time of transition, such as moving house, becoming pregnant, adjusting to new animals or family members, or going to a new situation. (Bach)

* Water Violet

This remedy tends to suit cats that are unusually introverted and detached, and it helps open them up to be more friendly and outgoing and less aloof and emotionally distant. (Bach)

* Wild Oat

Helps the restless animal that never seems to know what they want or to settle down into anything, it helps them to focus their energies and be less scattered in their approach to life. (Bach)

* Willow

This remedy helps with resentment and bitterness and often helps cats that urinate everywhere, due to a change in the household, such as the arrival of another animal or a baby. (Bach)

hope dat heps! snoopy

Barked: Wed Jul 14, '10 8:14am PST 
Yep I can see heather in my life soon. Mom gets used books all the time - she just meant it was popular. Thanx for all that info.
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