~Pawllywood Suites~

Hendrix- (R.I.P)

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Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 10:45am PST 
Hello furs,
Mama made a group called ~Pawllywood Suites~ that is for the dog or cat that wants Pawllywood quality suites! We're not trying to have more members than any other group on dogster, but we need to get it going. We're doing it with good intentions! We'd love for you furs to check it out! We figured since this is a pawsome Pawllywood place, you furs would like a Pawllywood hotel! We'd appreciate it if some furs joined! We love this group!
Oh yeah, Mama typed this for me. hehe. We'd love to hear from you soon!!dogcheer Just search: ~Pawllywood Suites~ in the group listings! We hope we aren't bothering anybody putting this post up. We don't want to make anyfur mad or something! Post comments on what you think about ~Pawllywood Suites~ here. Please. Thanks! Love, Hendrix, the gang, and their Mama, Makenna. little angel
Rufus A.

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Barked: Wed Jun 30, '10 2:33pm PST 
would love to make reservations for the 4th please!!wavewavewavewave

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Barked: Sat Jul 10, '10 5:38am PST 
Oh we are in so many groups now that mom just doesn't have time to let us join any more but don't be afraid to list your group in other groups ...Most pups don't mind but if you are worried about it you can always pmail the admins of the group before you do the post

Hope you get lots of pups to join and if mom ever does find she has extra time we will stop by to check it out

Hendrix- (R.I.P)

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Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 4:48pm PST 
It's ok Kramer. Sorry I'm late Rufus. I hadn't checked this group in awhile. If you can't get up with me through here, you can always pmail me!! Thanks. Love, Hendrix