Will an electric fence work on this breed?

Reese Ward

Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 5:58pm PST 
Reese is our pride and joy and we would have never considered an electric fence, but this week animal control paid us a visit. Reese is so active. She is a very smart dog, but she loves to roam on her own. At first we were cautious of this because she just showed up on our steps in September, but after a couple of months we realized she just wanted to go to the woods to go number 2 and she loves to run along the fence with the neighbors dog and then she comes home and sits at our front door to come back in.

We let her do this because we didn't think she was bothering anyone and all of the neighbors talk about how they love her visits. This week she got into several neighbors trash cans. I knew she did because she came in from her nightly bathroom break smelling like trash. I told my husband, but he swore she hadn't. I am pretty sure she did because two days later animal control came by and told us a neighbor called and said our Reese was bothering them. She is the most loving dog, but she does tend to jump, so that or the trash has caused our sweet pup not to be able to go outside.

We do not have a fence and she hates the 30 foot chain we have (I hate it too). I walk her daily and my husband plays rough with her daily, so I know she is getting exercise. She is so playful and loves it outside. I do not know what to do. We are thinking of an eletric fence. I hate the thought of her getting shocked, but it seems our only option and I know she would rather be outside freely. We have a huge yard, so she could roam. I want to see what people think about these fences that have this type of dog.

Reese is an inside dog, but she likes to be outside on average a couple of hours a day. Will this fence work for our Reese?cry