Meet one of my APBT Therapy Dogs Touche'


Barked: Mon Mar 29, '10 12:10pm PST 
Hi everyone,
If you get a chance, PLEASE vote for my American Pit Bull Terrier, Touche & pass it on to friends to help her win!
Thanks in advance!
She has a chance to win $10,000 for a pet charity of my choice which would be awesome. The good breed exposure would be a huge plus too!

Vot ing ends on 4-1

About my girl Touche:
Entrant #: 1201808 .
Touche is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, a 2nd generation certified therapy dog, canine good citizen, show dog and all around loving cutie pie. Following in her pop's paw prints, she works at a hospital making the rounds on oncology, pediatrics, hospice and transitional care. She touches the hearts of all she meets. When her work is done, Touche loves to play, take walks, snuggle and watch cartoons. She's a true ambassador for her breed. No one can have a bad day when Touche is around! She turns your frown upside down!

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Barked: Tue Mar 30, '10 4:26pm PST 
I would be glad to vote for your Touche! What a great addition to a wonderful breed!

Barked: Fri Apr 2, '10 7:43am PST 
Thanks! Voting has now ended. She has 370 votes, the results aren't up yet, but I think we got beat out by some cats. She is a winner to be no matter what smile