Dog parks?


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Barked: Sat Mar 6, '10 9:24pm PST 
Hi, everyone! Do you know of any other dog parks in Knoxville, or close to Knoxville? I have already been to the Victor Ashe Park, but not my favorite park to go to. Please, if you know of any other parks, please tell me!


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Howard, & Woody.

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Barked: Sun Mar 7, '10 11:33am PST 
Hello Howard!
Mommy has posted some links below for the dog parks here in Knoxville. One is currently under construction downtown near the Old City off Summit Hill. Petsafe Village has a dog park in West Knoxville, but there are restrictions for being off leash, so you would want to check out their site before you head down there. We sometimes go to Victor Ashe, but we have had a few questionable experiences there with other owners who do not keep tabs on their dogs, so Mommy only goes when there are a small number of dogs there. The third park is out off Rifle Range Drive. We have not been there yet (Our pal Hollie invited us this morning, but for some reason Mommy just HAD to sleep in - I think it may have something to do with her being 8 1/2 months pregnant, but I'm not sure, BOL!). We have read that it is nice, but they do not have seating, so your pawrents might want to consider a lawn chair if they need one.
Hope this helps and hope to meet you at the park one day! smile


You may have to cut and paste, Dogster doesn't always enable links:

http://www.c essee/petsafe-dog-park-tommy-schumpert-ayso-soccer-complex
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Howard, a fun place to go where there are so many great smells to sniff out is Ijams Nature Park and adjoining it the TWRA Nature Reserve. Both are dog friendly and TWRA even has a paved path several miles long (great for strollers). Your mom or dad will have to keep you on a leash though. But at Ijams, you go through the woods, can check out a pond, the river, a dock at the river, a boardwalk that goes along the river, woodland creatures (look out for snakes on occasion - don't put your paws on them).


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Barked: Fri Mar 12, '10 11:41am PST 
Thanks, guys! We love to go to the dog parks!

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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 8:23am PST 
We agree that the Victor Ashe park is questionable...had some encounters with dogs who were not being supervised by their owners.

On the other hand, we love PetSafe Village's dog park. Haven't had the chance to check out Ijams.
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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 9:45am PST 
My furmom is taking me tomorrow to Ijams. I can hardly wait!snoopy

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The newest dog park is Pawsome!! It is much bigger and has lots of room to run... being part whippet, I wuff to run!! This park even has a separate area for little dogs!! dancing They have a big pond for dogs who want to swim and lots of MUD around the pond for us non-water dogs to play in... it's GREAT!!!

It is the Tommy Schumpert Park and it is off Rifle Range Road in the Halls/Powell area... just north of Merchant's Road... The entrance is actually on Fountain City's a small road that runs between Dry Gap & Rifle Range...

Hope you pups get out and enjoy the new park!! snoopy

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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 4:08pm PST 
I will try and go to the dog park this week! I can't wait, I like going to the dog park with Woody.