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1. The guidelines set forth by Dogster / Catster for the public forums and the site is also proper etiquette within The Doghouse.

A. Address any issues you have with the group or any of its members directly with The Doghouse administrators.
B. Every group member has an equal right to privacy, inside and outside the group.
C. Because people of all ages love animals, Dogster is a family-friendly site. All content on Dogster must be appropriate for all ages.
D. NOTHING IS ALLOWED THAT WOULD OFFEND ANY FUR. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING KIND TO SAY THEN SAY NOTHING AT ALL. (Two strikes you are out for harassing anyfur in The Doghouse. You and your family WILL be quietly removed from the group.)
E. Administration SHALL adhere to all rules of fairness and kindness toward members.

Group Postings

1. Keep postings to the group mission.
A. Examples of acceptable postings:
a) playing in any of the games/forums

Unacceptable postings:

a) Asking for money
b) A post that is considered advertising … merchandise, pets, etc
(See #2 below.)
c) A public invite to groups that are not open to both dogs and cats.
d) Anything that would be considered as SPAM (mass emails) on the Internet.
e) Anything political

2. The group administration may from time to time approve a non-mission posting.
A. Due to the nature of some topics, we need to check out the information and/or clear with HQ before making a decision.
B. If HQ gives you approval to post, this approval is only for the public forums.

** Please contact a Doghouse administrator for permission to post.

**This not only helps protect group members for those not on the up and up, but also protects you if a group member gets upset that you placed the post.

3. Feel free to ask about any postings you are not sure adheres to the group guidelines by pmailing one of the administrators.

Group Forum

1. Only Doghouse Administrators can open new threads.

2.. Sometimes furs just need to have fun. If you can think of something fun for us to do ... like a snowball fight, or cookout, by all means pmail one of the administrators with your idea and we will discuss it amongst ourselves and decide on the request.



Notes About Using Dogster Forums

Please note that overreaching Community Guidelines are in effect.

Remember that you are receiving advice from other Dogster lovers. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a professional.

Participation in the Forums must be kept within the "Spirit of Dogster; fun, friendly and helpful," at all times.

It is never appropriate to personally attack anyone. Snarling, snapping, biting and other rough behavior is strictly forbidden. Posts that are not considered friendly, civil and open to all will likely be Community moderated within minutes.

While the Forums are great for sharing information, they are lousy for gaining consensus or debating emotional issues. Please do not engage in arguments. Always take a breath and count to ten if you find a forum thread is making you feel emotional. Consider that text on a page is easy to misinterpret. Consider how easily your words may be misinterpreted, as well. Ending a rant with a smiley face does not make it fun or validate as 'only joking'. Starting an entry with "I don't mean to be rude, but..." does not mean one can be rude. In public forums the best and easiest way to respond to a person that is behaving inappropriately is to simply ignore them and that topic.

Assume good will and allow that the poster may not have intended for the message to be interpreted the way it came across to you. Before responding always consider how you would feel if someone else had written the same thing to you. Civility is always required while on Dogster.

Please avoid aggressive responses, and counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice.

New forum threads should only be posted in one topic area.

Please refrain from submitting posts that promote off-topic discussions.

The Community has requested that members do not post non-dog/cat related political and religious statements in the forums, including Forum Mottos, and we agree. While no one forgets there is a big world out there, there are so few places we are free from the pains of the non-pet world, which we like to keep the public forums that way.

We wish we could help everyone in the world, but for safety reasons, Dogster cannot allow for the public solicitation of charity or donations unless verified and approved by Dogster HQ. You may obtain a Fundraising Request form by sending an email to

DogsterPlus subscribers should never use the Plus Forums to post about non-Plus subscribers.

Note that there is a 2-week waiting period for new members to post in the Social Funs Forums. This policy was created for the safety of our members - we want you to take time to get to know each other! It is not appropriate to try to circumvent this policy by posting social fun requests in other forum topics on the site.

If you feel that a forum post is against our guidelines, please use the "Notify" link at the bottom of the message. When notifying on a post you should always give an explanation so our moderators can clearly understand your reasoning. The Moderators are diligent about reviewing flagged posts and taking appropriate action within a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that misusing the notification link is a very serious offense. If you purposefully pull a forum entry because of any reason other than inappropriate content in that post you risk losing your rights to participate in the forums.

Members should always respect the statements of forum moderators and HQ. It is fine if you disagree with HQ or a moderator action, but never forget the correct way to share your grievance is to directly contact HQ. The incorrect action is to challenge, defy, debate or ignore the moderator or HQ action in any of the public forums.

Dogster HQ has the right to take action if you disregard the Community Guidelines. Violators risk having their content edited or removed. Furthermore Dogster reserves the right to revoke any abusive user's privileges on the site altogether, up to and including the deletion of all pet pages, photos, diary entries, messages and other user created content. Due to the nature of the site, it's unlikely that warnings can be given to all violators in advance.

Thank you, The Doghouse Administration.

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