What movie do you want be in?

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Live- love woof -
Barked: Tue Jun 8, '10 12:45pm PST 
i would love to be in Twilight and new moon and eclipes!laugh out loud
Jack- ♥ Now- an Angel

Mr. Pac-Man
Barked: Tue Aug 3, '10 12:32pm PST 
I'd love to be in any Disney film (my mommy loves Disney) and in the Back to the Future trilogy (any of the three). How I envy the doggie that played Einstein (Doc's furry pal) lol. Those movies are awesome smile

Princess- Kittenpop!
Barked: Fri Aug 13, '10 10:45am PST 
I would like to be in movie version of my favorite musical....CATS of course!! "Memory..all alone in the moonlight...." cheerapplause

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