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Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
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Great articles and loved the interviews and Old Dogs Never Die and the yearly information and eye checks. Love your resolutions too.applauseapplause
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
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Awesome edition way to goway to goway to go

Little- Grasshopper
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applause Great edition snoopy


I am a happy- boy.
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Thank you Bailey. Love it.
Bailey NWD

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PDPC Royal News Magazine February 2017

Abby CGC

Abby it was such a pleasure to get to meet you. I know my Angel fursis, Abby was a good friend of yours and I am honored that I got to meet you. Looking forward to learning more about you.
What is your arrival story - I was picked from a litter of 10 puppies. I was the only one that was 100% black. Every inch of me. Daddy picked me up and I gave him a lick and the rest is history. They fell in love. My father was brindle and my mom was all black just like me. I rode home in the car with my very first toy..a stuffed chocolate chip cookie.
Who is your favorite person - I would not say I have a favorite person. I love everyone. Grandpa and mom's brother helped give me potty breaks when I was a puppy while the parents were working. I love them both and enjoyed my time with them. Now the pawrents work different shifts so someone is always home so I love them both just the same. I get quality time with each one.
What is your favorite treat - I like lots of treats, I am not picky. I would say pumpkin flavored ones are the best!
Do you like the vet - When I was little the pawrents took me to the vet a lot for weight checks and just to get used to being there since I am a big girl they never wanted me to be scared of anything.
Where is your favorite place to walk - I love to go to our little town to walk. They have lots of music and street festivals in the summer. I get to meet lots of people and have lots of fun. Everyone in town knows me!
What is your favorite toy - My favorite toy is my BIG white stuffed lamb chop. I carry it everywhere and love to sleep on the couch with it. I just got a brand new one for Christmas cause my old one was getting kinda yucky (that is what the pawrents say) They did not throw it away, they let me keep it too. So I play with them both.
Did you go to obedience classes - The pawrents and everyone I meet say I am such a good girl. I went to puppy kindergarten and obedience school and earned my CGC.
Do you have any fursiblings - I grew up with lots of fur siblings. There were 4 kitties - Smokey (an Angel now), Cookie, Tiny, and Pepper. And everyone knows my brother Lucian who just went to join Smokey at the Bridge on Oct 5th. We all miss Lucian and Smokey so much. Now it is just me and the 3 kitties...just us girls. Smokey and Lucian are always in our hearts.
Have you been on a long trip - I never go on really long trips but there is a lake we go to in the summers to walk around. It is a nice day trip and I love it. Lots of good sniffs by the water.
Tell us a funny story about yourself - Funny story...when I was a big pup the pawrents used to try to get me to lay on my bed on the floor. I would wait til they were sleeping and then I would sneak up and slide in. BOL one time I knocked daddy right onto the floor! Me and mom thought it was funny!
Thank you all for the wonderful honor. I am going to have a pawsome month! I love you all dear friends.
Thank you so much, Abby. You are a pawsome pal to all! Have a pawsome Royal month my friend.

Abby CGC Royal Dog of the Month of February

**************************************************** ******************

Nestle, I have had so much fun visiting with you today. Thanks for showing me around. Can't wait to learn more about you.
Here are my answers, Buddy! Thanks for interviewing me!!
What is your arrival story: My litter mates and I were found in a barn. We were taken to the animal shelter, Denver Dumb Friends League, to be fixed and put up for adoption. The 1st day I was put in the kitten pen, my mom stopped by looking for a playmate for Grandeur, my older kitty sister. My oldest kitty sister, Brandee, isn't very social. My mom saw me sitting on top of a pet carrier in the kitten pen looking down at all of the kittens. I mean, I knew then I was a QUEEN!! She immediately asked to see me. I'm glad she knew I didn't belong there and that I needed a castle to reign over. Haha! She fell in love with me right then and there! How could she not!
Who is your favorite person: My mom is of course my favorite person. She knows when I need the faucet turned on, which blankets I prefer to nap on, and when I require treats and of course love and rubs!
What is your favorite treat: I love all crunchy treats!
Do you like the vet: Haha, I do NOT love the vet and the feeling is mutual. In fact, I'm proud to say I'm the only pet in this house that has a caution note in my vet file! I've bitten, scratched, hissed, and growled when he has tried to examine me. I'm not even sorry either!!
Do you have a favorite toy: Now that we have "that white dog", cat toys are hard to come by. She destroys them all. But I do love a birdie on a string. Mom keeps it up high away from "that white dog" and tries to play with me whenever "that white dog" isn't around.
Have you ever been on a long trip: The longest trip I've ever been on is from the shelter to my kingdom which was about 1 1/2 hrs away. Otherwise, it's only been 15 min drive to the vet's office.
Do you have any fursiblings: I have 4 fur siblings..Percee (my Pomeranian brother), Kiki ("that white dog" - my American Eskimo sister), Brandee (my Persian sister), and Grandeur (my stray cat sister).
What is your favorite food: I love fancy feast, the one in the minty green can. Yumm!!
Tell us a funny story about yourself: Mommy calls me the mischievous kitty. I get into everything! I love to go to the highest spot in the house (on top of the kitchen cabinets). I'm also good at hiding in interesting spots. Mommy has found me in the washing machine too. I love going outside and eating the fresh catnip that mommy has planted in the backyard.
Oh, I am the reason why mommy can't have live plants. I eat them all and then throw the remains back up! I also love to catch mice but I rip the head off and only leave the body for the humans to find. Mommy assumes I eat the head...she's right! Haha!!
Thanks again for interviewing me, Buddy.
Have a pawsome day!! I am truly honored!!
You are a pawsome Royal Cat, Nestle! Thanks for everything and have a pawsome Royal month!

Nestle Royal Cat of the Month of February
****************************************************** ********************
This month we had six angels that crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Dear Friend
I know you are nervous as you pace up and down.
Although I can't see it, I sense that you frown.
You're sad today and yes, I know why;
The decision you've reached has made you cry.
Weep not for me nor for what you must do.
What a wonderful life I've had here with you.
Where could a stray with no place to go
Be accepted so easily by those she didn't know.
I've had freedom to run and good food to eat;
Children to play with and a warm place to sleep.
But the kids are now grown, they've all moved away;
And I've gotten old and can no longer play.
I don't see anymore nor hear very much;
Sleep most of the time, respond slightly to touch.
Yes, my dear friend, I have given my all;
For nineteen years I've lived life to it's full.
I'm ready to go. Now is the time.
Let's go to the Vet, don't change your mind.
You'll stay with me till I go to sleep,
And then bowing your head you'll softly weep.
Maybe not right away, but in time to come,
You'll understand you were my dearest friend.

Angel Annie

Angel Josephine

Angel Kimmy

Angel Molly

Angel Sammy

Angel Tayla
********************************************************* ****


February Birthdays and Special Days in the Royal Kingdom
Updated 02-07-2017
February 1st
ANABEL - 1220407 (2011) - (Gloria Hoeft)
Izzy - 345061 (2003) (Izzy Maxwell Jackson)
♥ Looie Weaver (Angel) - 603764 (1999) (Diana Sarafin)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Morris - 855611 (2017) (Carol E Binkley)
February 2nd
♥ Angel Rocky♥ - 1312557 (1999) (Diane Rybarczyk)
Zach - 641155 (2003) (Cheryl Henderson Kennedy)
Gotcha Day
♥ Angel Rocky♥ - 1312557 (1999) (Diane Rybarczyk)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Cali "My Best Girl" 1992-2010 - 389505 (2010) (Connie Shorter)
February 3rd
Kameko (In Memory 1996-2005) - 208843 (1996) (Jo Austin)
*Zoe* - 699205 (2003)
Gotcha Day
Bella - 1231819 (2012) (Susan Davia)
Smurfette - 1319377 (2014) (Bobbi-Joe Bruner)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Loki 2001-2015 - 234560 (2015) (Renee Keller)
February 4th
Freddie CSD - 1320754 (2014) (Cj Betancourt)
Hershey - 732051 (2006)
Maxwell In Loving Memory - 582545 (1994) (Lori Koruka)
nashville - 1115085 (2010) (Becky Hogue)
Rudy (In loving memory) - 905788 (1993)
Sarge, our precious Angel - 206327 (2004) (Darbi Rash)
Shadow (My Sweet Angel) - 634209 (1994) (Heather W. Borden-Bowers)
Stormy Lynn (Angel) - 791924 (2007)
Gotcha Day
Cooper - 1319353 (2014) (Heather W. Borden-Bowers)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Ulysses (Angel) - 1167588 (1989) (Denise Griffiths)
******************************************************** *
February 5th
♥ Dayzee ♥ (Angel) - 519632 (2007) (Nancy Jackson)
River - 501150 (2007) (Dale Page)
TOMCAT - 315328 (1994) (Audrey E Wilmot)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Maggie (Angel) - 415103 (2003) (Gail Watson)
February 6th
Belle (Angel) - 1229265 (1997) (Lisa Colcord)
Maxy - 1008567 (2006)
Miss Molly - 1234614 (2011) (Phyllis Riffey)
Ranger - 1178112 (2010) (Lisa Colcord)
Virgie - 589350 (2003) (Joanne Maree Hague)
F ebruary 7th
April Magic (Not on Dogster) (1989) (Mary Hickey)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Clover...Forever Loved - 273416 (2007) (Dale Page)
KEIGHTY (Angel) - 296177 (2015)
F ebruary 8th
TAZZ - 969433 (2009)
Gotcha Day
Miss Molly - 1234614 (2012) (Phyllis Riffey)
February 9th
Katie - 1186789 (2007) (Susan Porter Long)
Fe bruary 10th
Bailey Rae - 1246849 (2012) (Maralyn Schulman Schlanger)
Brandy III - 509573 (2008) (Flor Figureitout)
Savannah aka Banners! (Angel) - 126091 (2003) (Laura Cantu-Lopez)
Trigger Special Angel - 923911 (2008)
F ebruary 11th
Sophie Bean Schnoodle - 544478 (2010) (Nancy Hornberger)
Gotcha Day
Penny - 1295474 - (2013) (Vicki McMinn & Lisa Blumire)
February 12th
Bailey (Angel) - 595293 (1999) (Lynn DaDalt)
COOPER - 288056 (2003)
Ginger (Not on Dogster) (Sally Reynolds)
pumpkin - 478830 (2006)
Skippy (Not on Dogster) (Sally Reynolds)
Gotcha Day
Lucian Our Handsome Angel - 1177283 (2011) (Sheri Mintmier)
Noel - 1196064 (2009)
F ebruary 13th
Buddy Bush - 710408 (2004) (Mary Frances Bowling Bush)
Nakoma Bush (1996-2011) - 710351 (1996) (Mary Frances Bowling Bush)
Sammy - 877130 (2008) (Izzy Maxwell Jackson)
Gotcha Day
Mr. Kitty - 1332636 (2010) (Janice Perriera)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Nano (Angel) - 311568 (2006) (Laura Ruiz Campos)
February 14th
Captain Gizmo ~ Angel Cat - 96691 (1993) (Samantha Storm)
Curtis Leroy Pudgett-HPS - 595941 (2007) (Curtis Pudgett family)
♥ Faith ♥ (Angel) - 519670 (2000) (Nancy Jackson)
Gomer Puggins (Angel) - 503023 (2007) (Curtis Pudgett family)
Idgie (Angel) - 1257456 (1992) (Reba Lee)
Katy Perry Bush - 1327993 (2014) (Mary Frances Bowling Bush)
LA SORELLA BELLA - 1244982 (2008) (Fran Missdixie Monroe Connelly)
Maynard Pugster - 559329 (2007) (Curtis Pudgett family)
Ozzy - 1325218 (2008) (Yvonne Nibbler Niedermeyer)
Princess - 1008583 (2007)
♥Serena♥ - 1055488 (2009) (Cj Betancourt)
♥ Sunny ♥ - 296704 (2005)
Theo (Angel) - 626592 (2004) (Maria Delgado Daniels)
Gotcha Day
Ryker LeRoux - 1334837 (2016) (Laura Cantu-Lopez)
****************************************************** ***
February 15th
Molly - 855465 (2005) (Carol E Binkley)
Gotcha Day
Abbie - 413048 (2003) (Gail Watson)
Peanut - 1289926 (2013) (Lynn DaDalt)
February 16th
Daisy - 1118825 (2006)
Miss Madhi (bless her) - 130660 (1989) (Lori Malm)
Saleen - 1332818 (2015)
Sedoso - In Loving Memory - 661786 (1979) (Maria Delgado Daniels)
Gotcha Day
Casanova (aka Cas) - 1286150 (2013) (Susan Porter Long)
Rainbow Bridge Day
♥ Buddy *TMB* ♥ (Angel) - 1182789 (2016) (Diana Sarafin)
February 17th
Hunter☮ (Angel) - 755397 (2003)
Rainbow Bridge Day
*Rowdy* 08/06/2006-02/17/2015 - 473627 (2015) (Joan L. Poffenbarger Frost)
F ebruary 18th
Coco - 1000914 (2008)
Little Miss - 1154236 (2008) (Mary Hickey)
Suzy Q Austin - 208050 (2005) (Jo Austin)
Tia - 1196257 (2006)
Tyler -ADOPTABLE!! - 866382 (2005)
Gotcha Day
Ranger - 1178112 (2011) (Lisa Colcord)
February 19th
♥Our Angel Jake♥- 591593 (2006)
Sedona - 1025686 (2002)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Angel Riley - 591732 (2016) (Christie Rodgers)
February 20th
Bruiser - 910352 (1999)
✞ Haro ✞(Cherished Forever) - 781853 (1998) (Shawna Kirk)
Puff - 928978 (2004)
Valentine Rose~Forever Loved - 1086778 (2010) (Nancy Brewster)
Gotcha Day
Buddy - 1173421 (2010)
Tabby - 462647 (2005) (Lisa J. Borden-Bowers)
Rainbow Bridge Day
♥CHLOE♥ (Angel) - 678207 (2013)
F ebruary 21st
Angel Riley - 591732 (2005) (Christie Rodgers)
Buddy Morris - 1137101 (2006) (Cherise Mitchell Morris)
Rainbow Bridge Day
♥Ginger Belle♥ - 513216 (2014) (Cj Betancourt)
******************************************************* **
February 22nd
Dandi - 547792 (2007) (Pamela Reinhardt/Dandi Reinhardt)
Hobo (Angel) - 645447 (1992) (Susan Davia)
F ebruary 23rd
☆ Echo ☆ - 920964 (2008)
PEEK A BOO (Angel) - 620141 (1998) (Neuza Turner)
Tobi - 1134194 (2007)
Yoshi (1993-2010) - 1021762 (1993) (Bobbi-Joe Bruner)
Zeus (In Loving Memory) - 751709 (2001) (Debra Tankus)
Gotcha Day
Tobi - 1134194 (2007)
F ebruary 24th
♥Bella♥ - 569276 (2006)
JEWELS - 677868 (2007)
Junior~Petunior Poop - 164662 (2005) (Sue BeeDoo Bixler)
February 25th
♥My Angel Max♥ - 534076 (2006)
Gotcha Day
Van Winkle (Winkie) - 1235208 (2012) (Marty Walker)
February 26th
ATHENA (my angel now) - 734306 (1995) (Debra Tankus)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Bootbox (Angel) - 1026966 (2005) (Debbie Platelicker Spears)
February 27th
Bandit - 1335169 (2016) (Heather W. Borden-Bowers)
Cash - 822554 (2000)
Nicky - 1180967 (2011) (Joan L. Poffenbarger Frost)
Griffey - 1334879 (2012) (Christie Rodgers)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Butterball (Blackburn's Angels ILM) - 1117164 (1988) (Luana Blackburn)
******************************************************** *
February 28th
Chloe - 448859 (2005) (Teresa Mandell)
Molly - 1323617 (2014) (Heather W. Borden-Bowers)
Rainbow Bridge Day
Missy-Beloved Kitty 1989-2009 - 292269 (2009)
************************************************************ ********

Hello everyone! This is your clear-eyed doggie reporter, Buddy and I thought this month we would talk about our eyes.
One day last month, I was playing outside and I ran to momma, flopped down at her feet and was rubbing my eye into the snow. I was also squinting, pawing at my eye and mom could tell the sun was really bothering my eye. Mom looked at my eye and saw that it was retracted inward and that the third eyelid was covering my eye. She freaked out and rushed me to the emergency vet. I had a complete eye examination, I had a small scratch on my eye, and I was given antibiotics and pain relief drops for my eye. My eye is all better now, and I am glad mom took me to the vet as quickly as she did.
Even the smallest eye injury (a tiny scratch, for example) can develop into an infected wound and loss of vision. Never gamble with your dog's eyesight -- always seek immediate treatment, even for minor eye injuries.
What To Watch For
If you see your dog squinting, avoiding bright lights, and excessively blinking, examine her eyes. Tear production is also a frequent sign of problems, as is watery, green, or yellow discharge. At worst, the eye may even be out of its socket.
Primary Cause
Much like in humans, eye injuries often occur when a small object enters or becomes embedded in the eye. In addition, scratching or pawing of the cornea, abnormal growth of eyelashes, and inverting of the eyelids can lead to eye injuries.
Immediate Care
1. If the eye is out of its socket, it should be treated as an emergency. Every minute is valuable if the dog’s sight is to be saved, so act quickly:
Do not attempt to put the eye back in its socket.
Cover the eye with a damp, clean cloth and bandage it loosely to the head.
If you can do it quickly, soak the cloth in warm, salty water or a supersaturated sugar solution to help preserve the eye.
Get immediate veterinary attention, keeping the dog as quiet and calm as possible. Ideally, you should go straight to a veterinary ophthalmologist -- most of them keep emergency hours for this type of situation.
2. If your dog is blinking or squinting excessively and avoiding bright lights, there is likely something in his eye:
Use a thumb to lift the upper eyelid and check for debris underneath.
Do the same with the lower lid, using the other hand.
If you can see something that needs removing, but which is not penetrating the eye, flush it out with tepid water or use a damp cotton swab to ease it out.
If you can’t remove the object, bandage the eye and bring the dog to the veterinarian. Do not delay.
If the object has penetrated the eye, bandage it immediately or fit the dog with an Elizabethan collar and take him to the veterinarian immediately. Again, most of them keep emergency hours for this type of situation.
3. If the dog is squinting and tearing up excessively or has red eyes, it is usually indicative of a scratched eye. Check for foreign objects in the eye area. If nothing is found, follow these guidelines:
If you can see a scratch on the eye, cover it with a clean, damp cloth.
Bandage the cloth to the head, use an Elizabethan collar, or bandage the dog’s dewclaws to prevent further damage.
Take her to the vet the same day.
4. If the dog’s eyelids are bruised or torn (usually from a fight or other trauma):
Place a cold compress on the affected eye, to help reduce swelling.
Keep the compress in place for 10 minutes.
Take her to the vet the same day.
5. If the dog's eye(s) has been exposed to chemicals, there may be burn damage:
Flush the eye with fresh water for at least 10 minutes.
Refer to the chemical’s packaging to see what further treatment is suggested.
Bandage the eye to prevent further damage and bring the dog to the vet immediately.
Remember to bring the chemical's container or packaging with you. On the way to the vet, call poison control so they are notified and treatment can be initiated promptly.
6. If you see a watery discharge coming from the dog’s eye:
Check for objects trapped in the eye
Flush the eye using tepid water, diluted cold tea, or a dog-specific eyewash.
If there is no indication of a foreign object, seek veterinary advice. Your dog may have an allergy, abnormal eyelash growth, eyelid defects, or blocked tear ducts -- all of which cause chronic tear production.
7. If you see green or yellow eye charge:
Flush the eye using tepid water, diluted cold tea, or a dog-specific eyewash.
See your vet within 24 hours, as it generally indicates an infection.
Watch for other signs of illness to help diagnosis.
Other Causes
Eye injuries may be caused by fighting, infection, or accidents with chemicals or other harmful substances. Some breeds, such as the pug, are predisposed to eye problems.
There really wasn't much mom could have done to prevent my eye injury, as I was playing in some shrubs and I probably got a branch in my eye. Please be careful out there and if your peeps do suspect an eye injury, a trip to the vet is in order.
************************************************************ *********


Nothing says “I Love You” like a new leopard-print raincoat or a homemade, beef-and-peanut butter biscuit on your pillow. Including our pets in holiday celebrations shows we value them as part of our family. So read on for some fun and thoughtful ways to celebrate your love for your canine companion this Valentine’s Day.
1. Treats
What dog doesn’t love a treat? Fabulous treats are available to order online, from cakes and cookies to “doggie wine” (broth in a bottle). Or find some recipes and bake treats right in your kitchen (your dog will most likely be right there with you, waiting). Make sure these items are made in the U.S.A.
2. Walk
Surprise him with an extra walk, or a trip to his favorite dog park or trail — especially if you haven’t been there for a while.
3. Read To Your Dog
Read any good dog books lately? Curl up together on the couch with a book or a great dog movie. Together time is precious, and often hard to find with our busy schedules. He’ll love the attention.
4. Swag
Does he need a new coat to keep warm this winter, or a nice new collar or bandana? Add a pretty charm to his collar, and while you’re at it, check his tags to make sure they are still readable and reflect your current contact info.
5. Visit The Vet
Healthy teeth and gums help keep your whole dog healthy. Consider a dental check-up with your vet, and have her show you how to brush your dog’s teeth. Be sure to get the special paste made for dogs (human toothpaste is toxic to pets). February is National Pet Dental Health Month, after all.
6. Spa Day
How about a day at the spa to make him feel special? Many options are available, like do-it-yourself facilities in pet stores, specialty salons, and even mobile grooming vans that come right to your house.
7. New Toy
Get him a new toy, make a big deal of opening it, and then play with him. Lots of Valentine-themed toys are available, or buy a new Kong, fill it with peanut butter, and watch the happiness unfold. By the way, when you buy Kong, get the special cleaning brush that goes with it; otherwise you’ll never get that peanut butter residue out.
8. Clean Your Pup’s Bedding
Many pet owners forget to check their pet’s beds when doing laundry. He might need his bed washed before putting that new toy or treat on it, and he’ll love it if the washing and drying fluffs it up a bit.
9. Make A Donation
Leave a legacy by making a donation in his name to an animal rescue group or shelter. Check around and find the organization that feels right to the two of you.
10. Share Your Story Of Love With Others
Many pet-oriented websites have opportunities for you to post a photo or story about your pet. Consider posting something to share the love you have for your special friend with all the world. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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