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Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 9:30am PST 
I have recently moved to the states (Nevada, Las Vegas actually) from Finland and since the quarantine period is 6 months to bring a dog to the USA from Finland, I decided to leave my 2 dogs with my parents and to adopt when I was settled in here. I prefer big dogs, I had always had bigger dogs, Huskies, Malamutes, big hairy dogs, strong dogs, dogs that served a purpose, that could pull a sled, keep the big bad boogie men away. So, 3 months after landing here, I began my hunt for the perfect dog(s). I knew there were plenty of shelter dogs, we have a high reposession rate here in Vegas and sadly, dogs are often left behind, so off to the local Pet Smart Pet Adoption center I went. I asked the staff which dogs had the shortest amount of time left, who had been there the longest, whose time was running out. It was heart breaking as they pointed to at least 50 kennels of dogs. I could not bare to look into each one, so I simply asked to be brought 2 of the saddest most desperate dogs and off the staff went. What they brought back were 2 of the scrawniest, un-appealing looking dogs one could ever imagine seeing. First was Champ, a Black Lab, 4 yrs old, he weighed 24lbs. I knew when I saw him, he would be coming home with me. The second dog was Buck. Buck is a White Shepherd, and at 18 months he too only weighed 24/25 lbs. I quickly filled out the paper work, took a solemn oath to be a good doggie parent, paid the fees, got my new buddies in my car and drove home. The first few days were dreadful. They ate as if they had never seen food before, had accidents all over the house, slept very little, whined constantly, cowarded when I walked into the room. It was a challenge. Then as the days turned into weeks, Champ and Buck relaxed as did I. They slowly put on weight, began to sleep a bit more, discovered the joy of toys and treats, found the swimming pool delightful and began to bond with each other. Now 8 months later, Champ is almost 90lbs, he has a smile on his face all day. He has found his home. Buck too weighs close to 80lbs, runs around the yard freely and without fear, his blue eyes twinkle, and he is very protective of me and his adoptive brother. I cannot wait to see where our lives take us, we have 2 1/2 more years here in America but I can guarantee you where ever I move to next, these two will be coming with me. I may have saved their lives, but they have saved my heart and ever day I am grateful they are mine!
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What a touching story! Glad you three found each other,sounds like all of you have gained so much. Glad to have you as a puppy pal