Bark and Meow About Dyson!

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Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 7:35pm PST 
My mom loves her Dyson! My sister is a Husky and sheds ALOT. She had a hoover before and could not believe how much more the Dyson sweeps up. She never really knew how much dog hair was on the floor. Worth every penny!

When are we- going Outside?
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 8:00pm PST 
I have 5 cats and 1 Dyson Animal and it is a miracle machine! I had a professional carpet cleaning crew come out before a major party I had and they came and asked me what kind of vacuum I used because there was BARELY any cat hair in their machine when they were done!! Best Compliment EVER!

*huuugies* for- pals
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 8:02pm PST 
Mom got a refurbished one off and its seriously the best vacuum ever! It gets all her hair and mine. Now we just need an attachment to get fur off her clothing. big laughbig laughbig laugh

Stormy-Servi- ce/Therapy- Dog CGC

Nobody puts Baby- in a corner.
Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 11:43pm PST 
There are 6 of us dogs here in the house. We have had a Dyson for 3 years. We wouldn't be without one. They are the best.

Rub my tummy
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 3:33am PST 
Mom really needs a Dyson but she can't decide which model. There are two animal ones in the new line, the ball animal and the DC28, she thinks. Which one would you guys recommend is better? She heard the one without the ball is hard to push and then she heard the ball doesn't work as well. So she is totally confused. PLEASE HELP HER. It's getting bad here.

Piggy Bear
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 6:41am PST 
Last year I finally broke down and bought the Animal DC17. I had no idea how dirty my house was! Mikey's fur is short and wiry. I could have made a another Mikey dog with what I picked up! Mikey loves to ride in the car and sometimes I forget to cover the seat before he rides. No problems with the picks up
Miss Fritz

Her Royal- highness- Princess Fluffy- Tail
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 8:08am PST 
When Mom brushes us she says it looks like a fur bomb went off. My ultra fine fur floats EVERYWHERE!!! She used to have a Hoover but it just didn't pick up the fur. She bought the original purple animal many years ago and loves it. Our Grandparents bought one, our Aunt bought one and lots of our friends have them too. She would like to have the new ball one, but the original just doesn't stop. She says it works great for her asthma too.
Max, Mighty- Dog

Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 10:20am PST 
Like some of you, my human does not yet own a dyson animal, and wondered how it really worked. It's good to know that you love it because I shed a lot!! And since I go to work, it's not just my human's house that needs vacuuming!
♥The- Tater Tots!

Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 8:06pm PST 
Mom got The Animal as a gift from our furless brother several months ago and she thinks it's even better than sliced bread!way to gocheer

There are five of us furs in the house and Zelda Marie and Rosie shed A LOT!
We have cedar shavings in our outdoor play area and they get tracked into the house. Also, our home is heated solely by wood and that makes a big mess from the bark and ashes from the woodstove.
The Animal takes care of it all - no problem!applauseway to gohail
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 8:34pm PST 
We are about to buy our first Dyson Animal. Any preferences out there? Any thoughts on the DC28?
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