Bark and Meow About Dyson!

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Barked: Wed Dec 16, '09 3:58am PST 
We sure are enjoying our Dyson handhelded DC 31 - especially this time of year with things all over the kitchen floor and just in general - it is so light weight-which is the best part and the suction, it is truly amazing for such a light machine .

Can't wait to give son and his wife their DC31 for Christmas! They have two little Pomeranians and will love this adorable vaccume - small but mighty! snoopyway to gosnoopyway to go

Rocky and Sarge

Barked: Wed Dec 16, '09 10:50am PST 
We got the dc28. My mom and dad use a Kirby now and they plan on cleaning with that first and then with the Dyson. I'll let you know how it did, maybe dad will let me video tape him doing it as long as I don't drool on the camera.
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

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Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 10:36pm PST 
Serafima, we ordered the DC28 and love it. We found it very easy to maneuver. I think if you live in a multi-floor house, the ball vacuum might be nice because the DC28 is a bit bulky. But we have not had any problems getting into all the nooks and crannies with the DC28, and that was our biggest concern.


Barked: Fri Dec 18, '09 8:23am PST 
Nikolai, Thanks. My dad was very surprised that we got our DC28 in 3 days as well as the DC31. He vacuumed with it for the first time last night and boy was he surprised. He emptied the canister about 6 times. It was full of hair, I think it was all his since he is now bald and I still have all of mine, and other junk. When he read about it bringing up the old carpets that had been matted down after years of use, the old vac did nothing to help it, he was skepticle but no longer. The carpet looks great and is standing up again. He plans on cleaning it with one of those dry powder to help it as well. He thought it was easy to put together. The wand was a little stiff but he got use to it and loves the attachments. One problem though there was so much hair and static cling that alot of it started to stick to the back of the vac and leave clumps but just ran over it and the animal pick it right up. Thanks for the great deal we could not have afforded to get one if it were not for you guys and Dyson.

Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 1:12am PST 
Some codes ended up on ebay.

There were some folks there selling more than one code. One person had 6 to sell. How is that possible?

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Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 3:13am PST 
WOW!! We finally got a chance to try out our DC-31 Animal Vacuum. Did I say "WOW" yet?

What an incredible little machine it is. All of our dogs & cats have passed on, but our daughter does have Jackie the guinea pig who generates quite a bit of debris around his cage when he runs around in circles kicking up his cage bedding. And he sheds like all furry creatures, so we have Jackie fur here there and everywhere my girlie holds and plays with him.

We figured we'd mostly be using the vacuum for spot pickups, but it is way more useful than that. The mother-in-law called on Sunday to see if she could come by. There wasn't time to drag out the full-size upright, so I grabbed the DC-31... snapped on the brush bar attachment and hit the living room. What started out as a quick and dirty "just get the nastiest spots" session, ended up being the whole living room and dining room (they're attached).

I had heard that Dyson was good, but I simply wasn't prepared for how well it performed. You know the drill, product claims to do such and such, and you buy it fully expecting it probably will only accomplish about 75% of what was claimed, 90% if you're lucky. Well, I am pleased to report that so far the DC-31 has done absolutely everything they said it would do.

BTW, did I say "WOW" yet?

Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 4:38pm PST 
This accessory kit (913049-01 Dyson Hand Vac Tool Kit) adds a flexible hose and other attachments. I have ordered and will post a brief review.

I had a root 6 for over 2 years. It worked but did not have great power and lasted only about 5 minutes. It was also plauged with batteries that became defective quickly. I guess that's the price paid for being an early adopter.

The DC31 Animal is light-years better. The suction power is unmatched. I'll be watching the battery life very closely but I dont think the problem will resurface with the new digital motor.

The DC31 Animal is the best handvac on the market.

Barked: Wed Dec 23, '09 1:10am PST 
anyone has a promo code from dyson..?
if you dont need it please send me one...


Barked: Wed Dec 23, '09 11:05am PST 
If anybody has an extra Dogster Dyson coupon, could you PLEASE email me? (would be much appreciated)

Barked: Sat Dec 26, '09 12:42pm PST 
My DC28 has been performing beautifully for my home! I live in San Francisco and staircases are part of life here....everywhere! The telescopic arm has made everything so much easier. Thanks Dyson and Thanks dogster!!!
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