Bark and Meow About Dyson!

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Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 11:11pm PST 
Nikolai, that is good to know. Mommy has found it easier to just have a vacuum on every level so as not to deal with carrying them up and down the stairs. The Dyson Slims were very easy to carry but they are a discontinued model. Overall I like the bigger vacuums and their power more. Right now we have a Dyson on every floor except the main one of the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom. So a vacuum has to be carried to there. Luckily my Mommy enjoys vacuuming!!

way to go I enjoy reading everypet's reviews of their new Dysons!!!
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Fri Dec 4, '09 10:11am PST 
My human bro's boyfriend just sent Mommy an email about using his new DC31 that she'll share as a review:

"So far I like the hand held vacuum. A Few things That I don’t like about it though. It is sort of hard to clean out the canister. I was vacuuming the stairs so the canister was full of pet hair. I opened the lid to empty it but half of the hair clung to the filter. I had to reach in there and grab the hair out! I wish you could remove the canister from the vacuum just like you could with the uprights.

Oh I found another use the vacuum too! Yoshi keeps waking us up around 3:00 3:30 with his constant meowing. So last night I kept the handheld on my night stand. As soon as Yoshi started meowing I turned on the vacuum! He ran right out of the room!!!"

kitty They have 3 cats and 2 dogs. The dogs sleep thru the night with them but the 3 cats wake them up around 3-3:30 every morning. They've tried so many things and they can't keep them out of the room as one of the cats is very smart and gets them all back in. Maybe one or two times of turning that vacuum on at that time will work. Unconventional but they are getting desperate for sleep!

Now with me, if I heard the vacuum go on in the in middle of the nite, I'd think cheer Oh goody, Mommy and I are going to vacuum!! cheer

laugh out loud
Dixie BP- 2003-2012

Share your love- with a- BlackPearl dog!
Barked: Fri Dec 4, '09 7:50pm PST 
We went to the park today, and wouldn't you know it? UPS tried to deliver the Mom's Christmas present to herself--a Dyson Ball!!!!! (couldn't pass up that 45% discount) UPS left a ticket that said they'd be back Monday between 10:30am-1:00pm. But that's when Burt and I are gonna be at Samantha's Absolutely Pawfect Pet Stylin' getting all beautiful for the holidays. Told the Mom she could cancel the appointment, but nooooooooooo... she's gonna get the Boy to wait for the delivery. shrug

We can't wait!!!! blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dog

Rocky - 1997 - 2010

I love my- family!
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 1:40am PST 
Oh we Love our little Dyson DS 31 - it is keeping our house so clean and the stairs were always the worst - with the long hose dragging behind and tripping our mom - now we have a light weight and super suction machine to take care of that!

We used our very generous discount code to order a DS 31 for our 2 Pom cousins for Christmas - their pawrents will love it as they are black furry pups and their carpet is sort of light.

Thank you again, sweet Dyson and dear Dogster!! snoopyhamster dancehappy dancewavecheer
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 8:44am PST 
ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, now Evil Step Momma Amy really wants a DC 31. Here's hoping for more promotions in the future!

Thankfully, UPS left our DC 28 on our front step otherwise my moms never would have gotten it. They both work 8-5.
MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

You Gotta Love- Me, I'm a Pirate
Barked: Sun Dec 6, '09 9:42am PST 
Meows has the original Animal. It works really good and even picks up the prairie dog hay without clogging.

Mom also likes that it is easy to take apart to clean the hoses and rollers.

Barked: Sun Dec 6, '09 6:55pm PST 
Is anyone not using their coupon code? I just got a new puppy and will desperately need a new Dyson Animal!

Kristin smile
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Dec 7, '09 7:04am PST 
Sorry Lucky ... no...

We didnt get a coupon either so we are hoping too that they do another promotion.

Still very happy with the ''Lil Perpool Haminal'' handheld.

Have considered planting it in a flowerpot and seeing if it will grow !

Rocky Ann.... tell human bro's boyfriend to simply detatch the filter/motor section THEN empty the bin. The nozzle end acts as a handle to do so and is MUCH easier to empty without the filter/motor section on. Takes all of a nanosecond to do this.
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Mon Dec 7, '09 12:19pm PST 
way to go

Flicka thank you so much for that tip for the ''Lil Perpool Haminal''!!! Much appreciated. I will pass it on to him right now.



Love to all my- dear friends
Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 9:20am PST 
The DC31 Animal is great for vacuuming under the Christmas tree to get up all the bits and pieces that fall from the tree (our tree is artificial). Normally Dad uses the big vacuum--and practically knocks the tree over--ornaments shaking all over the place---but Mom just grabbed out the DC31 Animal and went right under the tree.

It's also been great to do a quick vacuum job on all the little leaves and dirt that I drag in from the outside. way to goway to goway to go
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