Bark and Meow About Dyson!

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Tipper-aka- Lots 'o- Spots
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 7:28pm PST 
THANK YOU Dogster & Dyson!!! I was thrilled to find out that I was chosen to receive a free Dyson DC31 Animal hand held vac to use and review!

I was SO excited to open the package...I found the vacuum, three attachments, and the cord for the included rechargeable battery. It said to charge the unit for 3.5 hours before initial use...but I couldn't wait. I turned it on and it worked (the battery apparently had some charge to it).

Let me tell you...I have NEVER been so happy to see so much fur and dirt/dander in one place...the canister. This vacuum is amazingly simple to use, very portable, and it's suction power is the bomb! Our furniture in the house is mostly a "woven" material, so Tipper's fur gets entwined easily. I was amazed how QUICKLY and easily the DC31 sucked the fur out of the furniture fibers. And the dander! Eek...I was embarrassed that there was that much dander on my furniture! It worked beautifully on the stairs and carpeting, too. And, when I was done, it was easy to empty the canister without getting dirt all over.

My favorite attachment is the spinning brush. There is a crevice tool also, and another type of brush. The crevice tool has a slit in one side which I presume is for cleaning blinds?

We received the unit last Wednesday. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, we showed it to my family and demoed it for them. My husband and I are so pleased with the DC31 that we looked at the upright models the next day. We do plan to purchase one in the future when more money is available.
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 10:40pm PST 
applause Way to go Chicago Crew of Angels and Tipper!! applause

Very lucky Doggies to get to test drive the DC31 and thanks for your great reviews. It sounds like a fun lil' animal!!

shh Chicago Crew of Angels, we won't tell you Dad about the add on to the order wink
Rocky - 1997 - 2010

I love my- family!
Barked: Wed Dec 2, '09 2:50am PST 
Thank you to Dogster/Catster and Dyson for letting us be a part of the Dyson Review Team!

All we can say is Wow - this is one amazing machine - our stairs have always been a problem for us and with the lightweight Dyson it is so easy, we may do them more often!
Mom has developed some arthritus in her thumb joint - and it is not painful to operate this sweet little machine. That is a big plus way to go as it is so light weight and balanced well.

We are thinking of using the code to purchase one for our newly married son and wife for Christmas - they have two long-haired poms and stairs, too.

The suction is truly amazing - we see how much our old vacuum was not pulling out of the carpet. The crevice tool is wonderful - lots of things came out of the couch and chairs !

Thank you for letting us be a part of the Dyson team! We love the color, too!!

Rocky and Sarge

The Kids

Barked: Wed Dec 2, '09 9:15am PST 
we heard Dyson's are the best for pet hair!
There's 5 of us......we'll put it on a wish list for Momma!
Levi,- PAWS-My- Guardian- Angel

Can't keep a- cattle dog down- :)
Barked: Wed Dec 2, '09 5:27pm PST 
We have a Dyson regular vacuum (maybe a DC07?)- it's about a year and a half old, and it works better than any vacuum we've used. We use the attachment on the stairs and use it for the rest of the carpets 2 or 3 times a week.
Has Dyson invented a vacuum that KEEPS the carpets clean? That's what we really needway to go With 6 dogs and 2 cats, there's a LOT of pet hair around...

Love to all my- dear friends
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 10:14am PST 
How exciting! We were chosen to as a lucky family to get to test the Dyson DC31 Animal handheld vacuum! Overall reaction is love it. To be honest, Dad does normally does most of the vacuuming because Mom has bad allergies and back issues, but even Mom can use this one though. Really!

The unit is very simplistic to work, having a trigger finger power button, click in and out attachments, and a one-button release on the dust bin. The unit it light enough for easy maneuvering. Mom has bad allergies and with having me and my kitty brother Frosty, there’s hair everywhere of course. The large amounts of hair on our beds and up on her bed to aggravate her allergies the worst, and with the DC31 Animal, she can just pick it up and clean off any area she needs to in just a few minutes. No big vacuum to lug out. The large attachment is great for my big bed and has a pivot head to make it easy to do the corners and sides of the bed. The motorized brush really pulls the hair up well. The crevice attachment does really well on the cracks of the kitty beds where huge hair balls gather.

Mom’s very favorite feature is that even though it has great suction, you can vacuum small rugs, flat cat beds, and even light blankets without the vacuum sucking up the object and getting all caught up.

There’s also a combination attachment which has a soft brush on the end, or you can slide the end out to be a small lint brush. For any of you with allergies, this attachment works perfectly on vacuuming stuffed animals. Mom has lots of bears, and Dad had been begging her to put them all away since they collect dust, and with her allergies, not a good idea. But they were able to go over all the stuffed animals with the vacuum and it did a great job. We also used this attachment for cleaning our lampshades and cleaning off the fronts and backs of our fans. We were shocked at how much hair and dust it got off of them!

Mom also tried the vacuum out on her car seats and it was great. No cords to drag out to the garage! The pivot head of the main attachment was just right for the seats and there is now no sign of my black dog hair all over the back seats! (Who me? Get dog hair on the seats? Never!!) The crevice tool did the job for the seat cracks and in the grooves around and between the seats and under the gas a brake pedals.

Mom and Dad both had the small Shark vacuums before which had poor suction and never could be put back together correctly after cleaning. Those are now in the garbage can. And the Dustbuster we had totally died and would no longer charge, and it had horrible suction to begin with.

We would have liked for there to be a longer attachment to reach into more places, but there is a Flexi-crevice accessory that can be purchased, which we will most likely get to reach some tough to get spots. It would also have been nice if there was a little bit of rubber on the grip to help keep from slipping if your hands sweat while using. Other than that, it’s a wonderful unit that’s easy to use and really great for keeping the dog and cat hair down ---as we know it ends up everywhere! If you have allergies and want the ease of being able to clean up the hair quickly from beds, cars, furniture without having to lug out a full size vacuum, this is perfect for you.

Japanese Bobtail
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 10:52am PST 
Hi Effuryone I was selected to product test the handheld DC31 Dyson. All I can say is its "pretty amazing" at what this little vac can suck up with its power.
We started out vacuuming the chair pads in the dining room, then the living room furniture, then some snips of paper near the shredder, then the quilt on moms bed where we nap,
MOM was going crazy ! It was pawsome on the hardwood steps and in the entryhall where fine dirt collects from peoples shoes. We picked up fine fine dust particules where you would never expect dust to even be ! The attachments let us do the baseboards with ease and without scratching it, and the heating unit covers too. It has mulitple heads to use fur efferything! We used it sooooooo much upon its arrival we wore out the battery and had to recharge it. Now we have to hide it from the older sons who seen it and asked "can we use it in my new car".
Mom ran and tucked it away and hid it in her closet. (does that mean no?)
So, in my opinion its a really great product - lets hear it for DYSON again who came thru with a pretty Pawsome Product I cant wait to purchase my DC25 animal now with my coupon code ! Thank you Catster and Dyson fur choosing us.
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 2:49pm PST 
We got our Dyson DC28 last night and all I can say is OMC!!! The carpets actually cleaner. As in they look newer than before. It is amazing. Momma Danielle found it fairly easy to manuever, I know that was a concern for folks on this list. And oh my cat, can it suction. Surprisingly, even though there are four of us kitties, Momma Danielle picked up the most fur and dust where my bunny friend hangs out. Like a whole canister worth. Perhaps Dyson should start a forum on bunspace. Those bunnies can molt!

If Dyson ever offers another deal, we are so getting a DC31. It looks like it would be a lot easier to handle on furniture, and we like to hang out on the sofa and chair.
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 4:42pm PST 

Nikolai I'm so happy to hear your Momma Danielle is very happy with the DC28!! That is good to know that the manueverability is good, maybe Mommy will think of buying that one sometime if there is another promotion. We will be sticking with Dysons for sure in the future.

way to go Good to know it works well too for people with bunny rabbits!!

happy dance
Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 10:42pm PST 
Rocky Ann,
I can see why someone with several floors in their house would prefer a a lighter weight vacuum. But it works great for us in our single story home.
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