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Born to be- pampered
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 6:30pm PST 
Thank you Rocky Ann and Nikolai for the info, tips, and help in choosing the right machine. My good friend Beatrice owns a high speed sucker too, I'm also waiting on her recommendation thinking

I'm leaning towards the DC25 model, thanks again,

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Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 2:31pm PST 
Nikolai & Harley
OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Turns out that was the problem - I put the billing and shipping address as the same and it worked! You have saved me sooo much time and energy as I've already spent countless hours trying to work through the problem with dyson & my card company - each side not being able to help - so thank you for your advice - it worked! You're the best! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family and to all the dogsters / catsters out there! XOXO

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Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 3:14pm PST 
Hi! I'm a new member, joined today! Does anyone know if I can still get a code? I didn't get an email after joining even though I choose to get messages in my email...I hope I'm not too late :/

Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 4:06pm PST 
Lola, as much as I like compliments and thanks, I think it was actually Rocky Ann and not me who had the suggestions about the billing and shipping address. But I am glad you got your dyson!!!
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 8:35pm PST 
I'm so happy for you Lola that you finally got your order for your Dyson to go thru!! happy dance

applause Credit & thanks goes to Harley for his suggestion to Lola!! applause

Buddy the registration date to get the dyson code has passed. I don't know anyone that has a code they aren't using or haven't already used. If you need a code, maybe start a new thread and pets that need codes can post there and if there happens to be a code someone isn't using they can pmail you?

wink Or you can contact the ebay sellers that were trying to sell them on ebay and just ask for one...FREE. They shouldn't have been for sale. And they can no longer sell them there. applause

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Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 8:20am PST 
Looks like you must be admin to start a thread in this group. But maybe thats for the best as I am sure a lot of people would be clogging this thread with requests. frown

And it looks like they are still up on ebay for $110. silencedshock 28-DC31-Animal_W0QQitemZ270491216990QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDom ain_0?hash=item3efa886c5e

But maybe someone not as new to me or a mod can suggest where the right place would be for begging for unused codes. Im not above begging but I don't want to do it in the wrong place.

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 10:06am PST 
Hans- I posted mine in the plus forums but since you don't have plus, I would suggest starting your thread in the Other Barks and Woofs forum.

I titled mine "Question for Dyson group members" to be sure and catch the eye of other members. This group even got some more members from my thread too laugh out loud

Good luck to all of you who would like to buy a vac and need the code. hug
Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 1:19pm PST 
Hans, yes I did see that ebay listing. That would be risky for someone to buy that for $110!! Plus then with the price of the vacuum they'd have to pay it is the same price or higher than what the authorized dealers are selling the vacuums for. Maybe the seller is hoping someone gets confused and thinks they are getting the vacuum for $110. I believe someone did report that listing also.

What I did when I was helping another catster/dogster family member find a coupon is wrote a diary entry asking if anyone had a code they weren't using and I got replies. (but those are all taken now) So those needing codes try writing a reguest in your diary. Otherwise Bonzer had a great idea for you. I just don't think there are many extra codes floating around anymore. Most joined because they wanted to buy a Dyson.

Good luck!!

happy dance Bonzer, I can't wait till your Dyson gets to Alaska!!! happy dance

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 3:41pm PST 
I've been seeing a lot of Dyson sales in the Black Friday ads. I haven't seen a price as good as our deal yet, but humans would be silly to pay $110 for a code when there are so many sales going on.

Barked: Sun Nov 29, '09 11:49pm PST 
Hi, we are a group of 7 cats here, and our meowmy loves her Dyson DC-25. It gets up so much of the hair we shed that she has to empty the canister about 3-4 times every time she vacuums. She does have to clean the brushy part of the roller, though, as hair tends to get tangled in the brushes and it doesn't work quite as well. Anyone have any easy tips for cleaning the brush?kitty
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