Pitbull needs help


Barked: Wed Nov 4, '09 2:12pm PST 
Well ... here's the story

Picked up this dog on a lonely stretch of swamp road in Mississippi. I had two thoughts - someone take her or have her euthanized so she wouldn't suffer anymore. It is a pitbull. She was emaciated, covered in fleas, had bite wounds, had intestinal worms, and naturally, has heart worms. A woman took her but is unable to care for her (long story). So I'm getting her back on Friday.

The dog, 'Sippi', is cat aggressive. I don't know how she is around other dogs and am going to have to keep her separated from my other two. She has been wormed, given a rabies vaccination, treated for fleas, and bathed. She is taking medication for the slow kill method for the heartworms. She is on an oral antibiotic for the wounds which are healing well.

I don't think I can do what is right for the dog - things have changed so much lately at home. I will have to leave her alone for long periods of time and it won't be right. She seems very people friendly. Any suggestions would be greately appreciated. I contacted the Bama Bully group but no one has responded. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
♥- Brutus- ♥

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Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 9:44am PST 
God bless you for taking care of this poor dog who obviously has been through alot. I'm sorry I don't have any advice right now but I'm sure someone else will. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Roxy Mox

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Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 4:24pm PST 
God Bless you Brutus: But god only knows that you can only do so much.
I don't know if you try a local fire house that may want or need a dog for the fire house, or possible, dog training programs for search and rescue,
Ect Ect. I wish you and the dog all the best.