October 28th QOTD....


Moms girl...
Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 9:11am PST 
dancingdancing What do you do when you know mom and or dad is upset with you....to get yourself back in their good gracesdancingdancing

Moms girl...
Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 9:13am PST 
Well I of course am shameless and will do just about anything to make my mom happy with me again....usually I walk between her legs look up at her...this is key! looking as sad as possible, as if my life has ended! Works like a charmway to go I hate being told I am a bad girl...that is all mom has to say and I get very upset. Does not happen often....lets face it I am practically perfecthamster dancehamster dance just ask melaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
Roxy Mox

Daddy's Girl
Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 5:15pm PST 
Well when my mom & dad get upset with me, I just turn on these puppy dog eye's and kiss up to them til i get a little affection, This normally works like a charm. They melt like butter in my paws. But of course there are times when I really get them peeved and I must sit alone in my crate for at least 15 minutes. Then after that I kiss up again until they forget it ever happened. snoopyblue dogdancingway to go

♥King- Gus♥

One handsome- man..grrr baby
Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 6:32pm PST 
I do no wrong.shrugwhat can I saywink

Sqeaky Toys- beware!
Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 6:33pm PST 
I do the butt wiggle, twist and fall. I should be in the Olympics for this one..I swear works every time, then I lay on my back for the end performance and as an added bonus, paw the air with one of my pawswink