Daily Trivia!


let\\\\\\\'s- play!
Barked: Mon Oct 5, '09 12:49am PST 
Here anyone can post a trivia question and people can guess the answer! Not quite like 20 questions, but very interesting!

I'll start!

What dog breed is named for a tax collector?

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Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 3:44pm PST 
I been thinkin' and thinkin' and I haven't thunk of a good answer yet. I will keep think' tho, I do not give up.
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let\\\\\\\'s- play!
Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 4:08pm PST 
I'm not going to say yet! smilesmile


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Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 7:43pm PST 
Is that the Doberman??? I thought I heard that somewhere...

let\\\\\\\'s- play!
Barked: Wed Oct 7, '09 7:09am PST 
Right you are!

The answer is the Doberman pinscher. German tax collector Louis Dobermann bred the strong, sleek, smart, and fiercely loyal dog in the late 19th century to protect him when he went on his rounds.

let\\\\\\\'s- play!
Barked: Wed Oct 7, '09 7:10am PST 
Which are the only two South American countries that don’t share a border with Brazil?

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Barked: Mon Oct 19, '09 7:43pm PST 
Ecuador and Chili!

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Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 6:25am PST 
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