Need help with a pitty


water, my- precious.
Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 7:26pm PST 
My fiance's sister has a 6 yr old pit and a boston terrier. She had another pit a few months ago, but he had to be put down. He attacked the 6 yr old, his father. Tore up his throat. Now the father is traumatized. He has started to growl and snap at the boston. At first just when the boston went near his neck, now the boston was in a kennel and he still did it. Local shelters won't take the pit, and make matters worse by telling my soon to be sister-in-law that he will turn on people next. She broke up the attack and is traumatized by the whole incident. So she is unable to do the rehab training that is needed. Shelter people are telling her to put the dog down. If I can't find her some help that's what is gonna happen. I've bought the pitty some time but not much.
If anyone has any ideas or help they can give We would all be very grateful. We are in Orange county New York.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Morpheus' mom