Who Wants To Be In My Book????

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Barked: Mon Oct 5, '09 5:20am PST 
Love the page! Can't wait to see more! What a creative talent your Mom is! hailhailkissing

Angel Face
Barked: Thu Oct 15, '09 6:22am PST 
count me in..momma will send some pics..soory we're so late with this..things at our house are a bit crazy..

What's your's is- mine!
Barked: Thu Oct 15, '09 6:25am PST 
Ohhhhh Bella -- I want in too!! Shelby McWanttobeFamous Doodle

♥- Ciao Bella- ♥

Bella -
Barked: Sat Dec 12, '09 1:37pm PST 
Mom is still working on her children's book ... But it has been "slow go!"
She is so busy all the time!

Well, Dudley fell down the well in Doodleville and of course, Primo is off to rescue him with all the "Oodles of Doodles!!"
But Mom needs more "Doodle pics."

Please send your pics to:


Make sure they are full body shots & jpeg format.
Also, please write Mom has permission to use the photos for publication.

Here is a page she is working on:

Life In Doodleville

Let's pawty!!!
Barked: Sat Jan 2, '10 5:36am PST 
Love it! Mom will send more pics. And you want permissions to be sent in an e-mail?
♥- Ciao Bella- ♥

Bella -
Barked: Sun Jan 3, '10 8:16am PST 
That would be great!!!
Now that the Holidays are over, Mom is determined to get this to press soon.

Poor Dudley fell (or was pushed by those silly kitties) down the magical well & now Primo must lead the Doodles down to rescue him!! Only problem is, we don't have many pics of the Doods.
Remember, full body shots (best without collars, etc.) & yes, just a quick note Mom has permission to use the photos!!

Dudley Down The Well
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