Roscoe's vacation


Roscoe - I'm all boy!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 10:35pm PST 
We decided that Roscoe needed an all expense paid vacation . . . at the lovely vet. Just found out that he has ringworm! Yuck! Has anyone else had any experience with ringworm? I have read horror stories of people not being able to get rid of all the fungus spores and it being passed from family member to family member. I've read it can be a nightmare to get rid of. We are using our vacation week (and money) to replace all the carpet in the house with hardwood.
I miss my little Roscoemonster, but I don't miss the smell of sulfer (sulfer/lime bath) or the possibility of getting ringworm. Lily sure misses her brother. Poor little guy.
Keep him in your prayers.

Shelter Beagles- need homes
Barked: Wed Sep 9, '09 2:10pm PST 
I had ringworm once when I was really little, don't really remember it though! We didn't replace anything. Is it that contagious?