Hi friends!

Snow Angel - misses you !- :(

She S no w- Angel! (a pun- BOL )
Barked: Thu Aug 20, '09 3:50pm PST 
Hi friends! I started a new Guest book.... as my Mom accidentally deleted the other one! If you had signed before and would like to sign again feel free ! Thanks! snoopy wave

Bo Knows: He- Just Doesn't- Listen
Barked: Fri Aug 21, '09 11:42am PST 
We just signed. Woof! dog

adopted on the- 4th of July
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 7:01am PST 
cheerisn't that the cutiest idea ever!applauseyou rock!happy dance

FRED Angel- 5/31/12 LOVE- U4EVER

Singing is my- Passion
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 7:06am PST 
my sis (Sophia) and I blue dogjust 'joined' the blog wave ...nice 'crib'!hug