Contact FURminator now!


Velcro Dog!
Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 6:50pm PST 
Here is the phone number to contact FURminator directly to complain;
636 680 9387

You can email them at

Every pup should contact the company now!

Please read my other post and the updated info I provided.

Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 7:35am PST 
I emailed 'em & said I would blog about this at

I'm innocent, I- tell ya!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 10:57am PST 
I had Mom email them just now. We'll see if we get a response. shrug


I'm a good boy!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 12:54pm PST 
I tried to email them but the contact link isn't working. It doesn't seem to be a very good site because several links I clicked on lead no where shrug

Velcro Dog!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 1:09pm PST 
Hi! Bonzer,
Not to worry, check out my newest post in the group concerning the response from FURminator.

I am the queen
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 6:45pm PST 
Me is sooooooo disappointed in dem

Velcro Dog!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 7:31pm PST 
I can understand your disapointment Autumn, but at least now they stepped up and are doing the right thing. Maybe you will be one of the winners...cheer