Bad news today


Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 7:45pm PST 
The worst of my fears were confirmed today when I found out that Dexter, my 8 year old Blue Heeler had acute pancreatitis and Diabetes with DKA. We had to take him back to the vet today because in spite of his excessive drinking, he was dehydrated. The parmacy also din't fill his scrip for insulin so we have to wait another day for the vet to call them back.
As a healthcare professional, I understand the gravity of this situation and it really scares me. Dexter is my baby and I love him so much!

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Oh, no Dexter! We are so sorry to hear the news. Diabetes is tough. Our mommy has it and she takes insulin too. If there is anything we can do, pawlease let us know. hug

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Any suggestions on how to give him the insulin shots? I'm a healthcare professional and give shots all the time but giving dexter a shot is like trying to thread a needle while riding a bucking bronco. Just about dosed myself twice!
The vet told us to gently pinch up an area of skin behind his neck or shoulder blades and inject it there. He usually squeeles duing the injection and jumps. Now, whenever we hold him back there he goes crazy. I have been trying to pet him and manipulate his skin to get him used to the feeling and that works fine but he seems to "know" whenever hes going to get his shot and goes grazy. It takes two of us about 30 minutes to do it.
The irony is that he tolerates his Sub-Q fluids there just fine. ...and its a huge needle compared to the insulin needle.
I have tried giving the insulin sub-q in his leg which he tolerates a bit better and is a little easier to immobilize.
The good news is that since he has been on his insulin I have my "puppy" back. He's doing quite well again and is playful and not drinking as much. He also eats his (very expensive) special "Hills Prescription Diet W/D" very well which is good because he has always been a finicky eater. Anyone know where to get that stuff for less than $45.00 a bag?



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Hmmmmm, that's a tough one. This is in no way remotely close to having to give a dog an insulin shot, but when I used to clip Roscoe's nails it was like fighting a mountain lion. The vet suggested that I place him on top of a table or otherwise elevate him and muzzle him to calm him down. I have since started placing him on top of the dryer (with adequate padding) in our laundry room and it has made all the difference in the world. He doesn't fight me anymore. It may be worth it to give it a try. There may be forums here on Dogster for those with diabetes. We are so sorry you are going through this Dexter. Diabetes is so incideous.

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Thanks Valerie for the suggestion. I might try that. Dexter does have a fear of heights as he fell off our deck when he was very young. As a bonus, my washroom is very small and confined.

We got some good news today! Dexters blood sugar is almost controlled on the 15 units of insulin 2x day. He went for his insulin curve test today and peaked at 300. We have to increase one of his doses to 16 units and do another curve in about a month. We're still having difficulty getting used to the shots and as all you Blue Heeler owners know, htese are some smart dogs and he has figured out how to out think us every time when it comes to giving him his shot. He will even stand beside me while I'm getting it ready, go lay daown when we tell him to, but the moment I get ready to give the dhot, he bucks like a raging bronco or runs and hides.
We tried the peanut butter on the plate trick and he will lap up as much as he can as quick as he can adn then runs. We're working on it though. Everyone tells me that he will get used to it.

The best news though is that his pancreatitis was an acute case, not a chronic one. His enzymes have dropped from over 5000 to just over 1000 in one week! While still high, the special ($$$) diet and exercise, as well as the antibiotics, really made a difference. The vet feels that within a month all his liver function and pancreatic enzymes should return to normal. However, he will be diabetic for the rest of his life...which according to the vet should be a normal long life for him.


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Well, a little bad news. Went for the second insulin curve and Dexters blood sugar is still hoovering in the mid 300 range. His pancreatic and liver enzymes continue to improve but his glucose is still not controlled.

We're now at 17 units of insulin (Humalin N100) twice a day. We're also using smaller needles but its still and major ordeal to give Dexter his shots. Im serious, he learns a new evasive trick every time.

We have yet another insulin curve to do next week and hope that things will be settled down.

At least he's more active and playful now. We actually even wrestled last night. Dex won.

David - Dexters Dad

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Sorry to hear about that Dexter. frown
It can take a while to get the dosage right to control blood sugar. It has taken me almost 5 years experimenting with 6 different meds and finally about 60 units a day to get mine under control. Hang in there! We're thinking you guys!

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so sorry to hear about dexter - can't give any advice on administering the shots - sorry -