A LA vet ordered a disabled dog out of his clinic because she was a rescue puppy

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My mommy adopted me when I was a blind and deaf senior but she never doubted her decision and I had the best year of my life with her. Now I have guided her to another dog who is in need.

Mommy learned of a rescue in Louisiana that needs monetary help with a six week old blind and deaf puppy. This puppy was also born without an anus and she will need surgery to fix that. The rescue took little Juniper in as she was a sweet and loving puppy.

Juniper went to a vet yesteday to get a diagnosis and a referral to a vet school to have the surgery, but the vet yelled at her foster mommy and said the dog should be put to sleep, not because the problem is not fixable or because she is in pain, but because it will cost too much and this is only a rescue dog. He felt the money could be put to other purposes. He ordered the dog "out of his clinic." Can you believe that he yelled at her in front of staff! Juniper's foster mommy was in tears. The vet would not even prescribe the antibiotics that he said she needed (before he learned she was a rescue dog).

Juniper saw another vet today and this vet was appalled by the treatment little Juniper recieved. He said that he could do the surgery and because she was a rescue dog, he would give her a discount. The estimated cost of the surgery and blood work is $1000 to save this precious soul. They have raised $400 so far but need help with the remaining cost. If you have it in your heart to help save Juniper, please consider sending a donation in Juniper's name to Animal Welfare Inc at www.animalwelfareinc.org/awihome.html

If you might ultimately be interested in adopting Juniper or providing foster care for her, please contact Animal Welfare Inc.

This rescue also has a disabled kitten looking for a home. The kitten was tossed out of his home after he developed glaucoma and went blind in one eye, he was in a lot of pain and stumbled into a road where he was hit by a car that broke his pelvis. Before he could get to safety, two dogs found him and attacked him. His angel was driving by and saved him, now Animal Welfare Inc had his bad eye removed and is helping him with his broken bones, but they report "After all that he has been through, Spike is the sweetest, happiest kitty in town. He absolutely loves to be petted and talked to. He purrs louder than any other of the cats. Maybe he is just happy to be alive." Spike needs a home that knows the challenges of a disabled pet yet knows how wonderful the rewards are for having these sweet animals as part of the family.

If you can help Juniper or wish to learn more about Spike, please visit http://www.animalwelfareinc.org/awihome.html.

No I don't volunteer for this group, but Juniper's story touched me and I contacted her foster mom, who has a heart of gold. She says Juniper loves to snuggle and be loved more than any puppy she has seen. I am doing all I can do to raise awarness of Juniper and Spike and hopefully we can find them a great home.

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That is awful How could this vet call themselves a vet. hughughug
Percy, in- loving- memory

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I have no idea on why he would do this, doesn't a dog deserve a chance? If it were me I would report him to the vet board and hopefully they can issue some sort of censure or education classes.